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  • Ready to Sell Your Products or Services? We’re Here to Help

    Hey there — welcome back to the Copyblogger Weekly! So, I’ve been known to lean a bit toward the “kumbaya” side of content marketing. (“Kumbaya” meaning, “Let’s all join hands and sing songs about our feelings!”) But I have bills to pay, just like you do. Selling is an integral and important part of business. And content marketing is as much about marketing as it is about connection.

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  • Announcing: An Intriguing New Tool for Collaborative Content

    Smart content producers know that we can produce a lot more (and better) content when we collaborate. But collaboration brings its own set of headaches and complexities. Today we talk about a nifty new tool to make it simpler. Joanna Wiebe, conversion expert extraordinaire, two-time speaker at our live events in Denver, and creator of Copy Hackers, is launching a new tool de ...

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  • A New Book to Make Content Marketing Easier

    There’s a word that comes up a lot when we talk about content marketing: Intimidating. It’s easy to get intimidated at the prospect of creating a high volume of really good content. And even more so if you don’t completely think of yourself as a writer. Guess who wrote a book to help? It’s Copyblogger’s own Pamela Wilson.

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  • The Ultra Powerful 7th Principle of Persuasion

    You may have seen that Robert Cialdini, author of the marketing classic Influence, has a new book out. It’s called Pre-suasion, and you should read it. It’s all about setting the right context before you make the “ask.” (In other words, it’s all about content marketing.) Like his earlier book, it’s full of fascinating little insights that will be keeping marketing and copy ...

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  • The Two Sides of the Persuasion Coin

    Remember the classic Saturday Night Live sketch? Is it a dessert topping? Is it a floor wax? It’s both! This week, we’ll look at two seemingly very different sides of the marketing and persuasion coin. One side features traditional sales and marketing techniques; the other shows a more educational, audience-building angle — sometimes called a “soft” marketing approach.

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  • Behind the Scenes at Copyblogger: Our New Email Approach

    Here’s a great problem to have: Producing so much high-quality content that your audience gets overwhelmed. But the thing is … it’s still a problem. Today, Sonia Simone and Pamela Wilson take you behind the scenes to look at the development of our new weekly email roundup — Copyblogger Weekly. We’re putting this new approach into place to help our beloved audience get more o ...

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  • The ‘Obligatory’ Structure of Effective Content

    Fiction needs what editor Shawn Coyne calls “obligatory scenes” — the elements that satisfy audience expectations and make the book a must-read. Do those elements exist for content? And if so … what are they? Today, Sonia Simone gives her thoughts on the “must-include” elements of a solid content marketing program.

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  • 7 Powerful Content Strategies Borrowed from Advertising Masters

    The Copyblogger blog was founded on a simple but powerful idea — that our content (blogs, podcasts, videos) can be strengthened by adapting techniques from the world of direct response copywriting. Today, Sonia drills into some specific techniques and approaches that we can profitably swipe from our direct response brothers and sisters.

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  • Connection Steps that Lead to Customers

    Once upon a time, there used to be a division in how people saw the web. (Way back in 2009, I wrote a blog post about this, calling the two points of view “the cool kids” and “the internet marketers.”) That division drew a line between online communication that intended to connect and online communication that intended to persuade. And that distinction was, of course, completely bogus.

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  • Ethics, Professionalism, and Good Manners for Content Marketers

    There’s a lot of great content out there … and then there’s the topic of today’s podcast. Sonia looks at the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are two kinds of people. Some folks do the right thing for its own sake, and some do the right thing because the other option has negative consequences. This one’s for both types.

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  • 3 Questions that Can Haunt Creative Professionals

    Sonia’s back on the podcast this week with suggestions on how to address three challenges that pop up often in our communities. When we’re talking with creative professionals, and content marketers in particular, we’ve noticed certain challenges that come up again and again. In this 22-minute episode, Sonia Simone is back on Copyblogger FM to talk about: The “cobbler’s ...

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  • How to Give and Get Exceptional Testimonials, Part Two

    Did you realize that making it a habit to give testimonials regularly can pay off in some powerful ways? Giving a testimonial is a service to others, but it serves you, too. In the previous episode, Pamela Wilson shared the six “magical” questions you can ask to get convincing testimonials. She concludes the testimonials series by reviewing what makes the act of giving tes ...

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  • How to Give and Get Exceptional Testimonials, Part One

    In an age where we’re faced with too many choices, testimonials help us trust enough to make a decision to buy. Are you using this powerful tool in your business? Testimonials work because you’re not tooting your own horn — others are doing it for you. In this episode, Pamela Wilson sits in for Sonia once again and reveals the story arc that makes testimonials believable.

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  • 3 Tips for Creating Your Own Independence Day

    July 4 is Independence Day here in the States, which, for most of us, entails the risk of losing: Your fingers to cheap fireworks Your waistline to hot dogs Your liver All of which, as a red-blooded American, I support wholeheartedly. But if you’re spending today celebrating the country’s independence, how about giving some attention to your own personal independenc ...

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  • 5 Lessons Learned from a SaaS Home Run

    Laura Roeder is known for putting together agile companies that put the customer first — including her current hit, Edgar, a SaaS (software as a service) product that hit a million dollars in revenue in its first year in business. She excels at “keeping it simple” — maybe because she ran ultra-successful online education companies for five years.

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  • Cracking the Abundance Code: Sonia’s in a New Documentary!

    Some people believe in a magical “secret” that will grant them anything so long as they wish hard enough. I do not believe in this. But I do know that good luck is partly a matter of perception — and it can be optimized. My friend Julie Cairns has filmed a new documentary about business, mindset, self-reliance, and — yes — abundance, and it’s called The Abundance Code.

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