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  • Which Social Metrics Deserve Your Attention the Most?

    Measuring the effectiveness of social media still remains a challenge for social media managers the world over. While measurement is a part of the job, it can still be daunting to hear this question from the powers that be: “What’s our return on investment?” Determining ROI can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

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  • Facebook PMD SocialClicks rebrands to AreaOne

    SocialClicks, a programmatic mobile advertiser and Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, has launched a global rebranding initiative, renaming the company AreaOne. They have also officially inked partnerships with top mobile marketplaces including Nexage, Smaato and Inneractive to expand their RTB offering. “We’re excited to launch our new brand,” said AreaOne CEO Alon Michaeli.

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  • Crowdfunding: the next up-and-coming business tool

    Creating a successful business is tricky and it’s become even more so in the Internet Age. This is why one media relations pro says businesspeople must reprogram the way they think about marketing, especially social marketing and funding. Ariel Hyatt, president of NYC-based Cyber PR, saw the influence the internet would have on brands and on bottom lines long before social m ...

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  • Parse SDK upgrades for iOS 8

    Parse SDK upgrades for iOS 8 Facebook’s Parse, a cloud system that powers apps on any platform, released a new version of its product for better support in iOS 8. Parse SDK for iOS brings a number of performance and security update improvements including faster downloads and uploads for Parse Files, along with improved security for account data.

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  • SPMD Kenshoo acquires PMD Adquant

    SPMD Kenshoo acquires PMD Adquant Kenshoo, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced today that it has acquired Facebook PMD Adquant, a leading SaaS platform that powers social campaigns for many top grossing apps. Since both Kenshoo and Adquant utilize an engineering-driven approach to innovation, the new partnership looks to provide even better solutio ...

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  • Does Hyperlapse signal a bigger shift to user-generated content?

    By now, if you’re on iOS, you’ve no doubt fawned over Instagram’s new stand alone time lapse video app, Hyperlapse. The app uses stabilization technology to allow the user to create videos that look cinematic versus a typical jittery movie most can make with a phone. The increasing focus on video is hard to ignore — especially with the release of Hyperlapse and Amazon’s acqu ...

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  • Top 4 tips for creating a successful targeted Facebook ad campaign

    It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach for pages has plummeted over the last year — or that the free ride is essentially over — but forking over a little cash for ads could do some good. The most efficient way to do this? Through creating a targeted campaign. Social ads are a great way for businesses to foster consumer engagement and expand their reach, according to Phi ...

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  • Facebook’s Buy button and the future of global commerce

    While Facebook’s Buy button might be “The Next Big Thing,” it doesn’t necessarily cater to the company’s global user base. At least not right now. While the Buy button is still in testing by a small number of companies, it’s current format doesn’t sit well with the global community. One company says this is because the Buy button is very American.

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  • Facebook Engineers Kill iOS bug, Reduce Crash Rate by 50%

    Facebook engineers have solved a long-term mobile bugging issue in iOS, reducing its crash rate by more than 50 percent. According to the company's engineering blog, one of mobile's top crashes was in the Apple Core Data system. The team received the crashes into a report analyzer, but it took months for them to create the correct approach to the problem.

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  • Sailthru Integrates with Custom Audiences

    Sailthru, a customer interest-based automated personalization platform, announced today that the company has integrated Facebook's Custom Audiences into its technology. With this integration, marketers can now target and acquire prospects, build personalized Facebook ad campaigns, and continuously engage with their most valuable customers using Custom Audiences and the Lookal ...

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  • SPMD Glow Digital Media secures $7M in funding round

    Glow Digital Media, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced that it has raised $7 million in Series A funding to further expand internationally and to continue product development of its social ad platform. Notion Capital and White Star Capital, two of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, contributed to the funding round, along with existing investors ...

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