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  • Avoid programmatic fraud with these strategic tips

    It seems as though you can’t read about programmatic these days without the mention of fraud. A recent study commissioned by two WPP media buying agencies estimated that fraudulent traffic could cost digital advertisers upwards of $16.4 billion in 2017 alone. That figure is staggering and rightfully makes the topic of fraud a constant in industry narratives and digital market ...

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  • Buyer Behavior Trends Driving The Digital Shift Toward Mobile

    Buyer behavior is rapidly changing and forcing brands across all verticals to adjust and conform to the interactive world. Nearly every consumer activity has shifted to digital in some way — from listening to music, to shopping, to booking restaurant reservations, and so on. Mary Meeker, a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, recently pointed ...

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  • Next Level Native Advertising: Where Intent, Creative & Content Meet

    Over the past few years, consumers’ opinions of native ads have shifted. While some consumers once perceived native advertising as confusing or even intrusive, they’re now becoming more open to the concept and are willing to engage with the content if it fits naturally within their interests. This is especially true as content across the Web becomes more image-based and as m ...

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  • Mobile’s Promise For 2015

    For marketers and agencies alike, 2014 was considered the year of mobile. There were countless articles, predictions and reports this year about how mobile advertising spend would increase across industries. According to eMarketer, total media ad spend in the U.S. saw its largest increase in a decade, and mobile was set to lead this year’s rise in total media ad spending in the U.S.

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  • From Coffee To Mobile King: How Starbucks Serves Up Its Mobile Strategy

    The Siren, the emblem of Starbucks, is not only an iconic symbol — she depicts the obsession that the coffee king has cultivated in all of us worldwide. “She is a storyteller, carrying the lore of Starbucks ahead, and remembering our past. In a lot of ways, she’s a muse –always there, inspiring us and pushing us ahead,” a senior writer identified only as Steve M.

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  • How Retailers Can Leverage Mobile To Boost Holiday Sales

    Although we are smack in the middle of the summer season, consumers are already beginning to think about holiday shopping. According to a 2013 Google study, people are making their wish lists — and shopping lists — earlier than ever. In July 2013, nearly half of surveyed shoppers had already made plans regarding when they were going to purchase their gifts.

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  • Understanding The Complexity Of Mobile Ad Attribution

    In this complex and fragmented marketing landscape where a consumer's purchasing journey moves from desktop to mobile to offline channels, measuring the contribution of all these touch points is exceedingly complicated. Recently, one of these media has become increasingly challenging: mobile. While consumer usage of mobile devices is ballooning, mobile ad spend is still lagging behind.

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  • The Flight Path: The New Cross-Device Customer Purchase Journey

    Father's Day has just passed, and that means many consumers were scrambling last week to ensure their father's gift arrived in time for the holiday. While many may have begun their path to purchase on a desktop during work, others may have started on a mobile device during their commute home, ultimately completing their purchase journey on another device.

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  • Effective Mobile Marketing Across Retail, Travel, Automotive & Financial Services

    A recent eMarketer report, "U.S. Tablet Users: Q1 2014 Forecast and Comparative Estimates," predicts that the number of dual tablet and smartphone users will reach 140 million U.S. internet users by 2018. Because of this growth, marketers across industries are working to identify the most effective digital practices for engaging users, driving app downloads and increasing conversion rates.

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