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  • Seven ways to future-proof your digital strategy

    Nurcin Erdogan Loeffler, head of strategy and innovation, Vizeum China, outlines the seven ways businesses can future proof their digital strategies. With more than two years in China and a background in strategy, Nurcin Erdogan Loeffler shared her thoughts on future proofing a business strategy with the audience at ClickZ Live Shanghai.

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  • How SK-II blends ecommerce and social for improved brand perception’s Joey Bian outlines how cosmetic giant SK-II blended data from two of China’s biggest ecommerce and social sites to improve both brand perception and ROI. Earlier this year, SK-II was one of a number of global brands selected to trial a new targeted advertising tool for the Chinese market, which draws on data from online retailer JD.

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  • What’s so great about digital marketing anyway?

    Do you work in digital marketing and do you love it? Are you new to the industry and feeling overwhelmed by it? Either way, all this constant change means people in this industry are always learning and sharing their ideas. In case you hadn’t noticed, the digital world is all around us. For those people still trying to fend off the ‘future’ by disengaging from the digital worl ...

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  • How the future of advertising is in servicing the ‘moment’

    Great advertising starts when a brand delivers a service to the consumer – rather than an ad, says Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, Brian Wong. Wong is the 25-year-old co-founder and chief executive of Kiip – an advertising tool that allows advertisers to send ‘rewards’ to mobile users during moments of online achievements.

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  • Google AdWords launches new features for mobile ads and maps

    Google has introduced new tools and features to AdWords to specifically address the consumer shift towards mobile. The changes and additions have been announced at today’s Google Performance Summit, and include expanded description lines, responsive display ads to fit different devices and formats, more customized bidding options, and pilot features for Google Maps which allow ...

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  • Google launches Firebase Analytics for mobile apps

    Google has launched Firebase Analytics, a new analytics solution for mobile apps, at this year’s I/O 2016 developer conference. Firebase was acquired by Google in late 2014 and helps developers build apps for Androids, iOS and the Web. Current features include Realtime Database, User Authentication and Hosting.

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  • Everything you always wanted to know about programmatic but were too afraid to ask

    One of the biggest challenges to programmatic adoption is that people are afraid of it. To counter this, marketers should keep the language and definitions simple. This was a key takeaway from a panel of experts discussing programmatic at a recent ClickZ Live digital marketing conference. “In programmatic we have a tendency to use a lot of jargon, which creates a lot of fear, ...

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  • 10 tips for marketing success on LinkedIn

    Using LinkedIn for personal and professional branding is easy, so why do so many brands and individuals get it so wrong? At ClickZ Live Jakarta, Chris J Reed, global chief executive officer and founder, Black Marketing, shared his 10 tips for success on LinkedIn. “You all have terrible profiles – I know, I’ve seen them,” Reed told delegates.

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