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  • A Guide to SMS Marketing [Infographic]

    In today’s fast-paced world, running a marketing campaign can be complicated. The thought process takes a lot of time and some trial and error. However, many companies have adopted SMS into their marketing strategies and found some great results! When you consider how many people have mobile devices, contacting them is easier than you think.

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  • Mobile Myth Busting: How to Write Great Content for Mobile

    In 2014 the number of mobile users eclipsed desktop users. Since then, mobile technology has continued to change the way we browse the web and connect with brands. “The latest data shows that we are now well past the tipping point.” says Smart Insights, as “mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%).

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  • 5 Mobile Content Tips to Boost User Attention

    Creating mobile content in content marketing requires one thing: good copy-writing. All too often content marketers focus on mobile usability when they create online content; and while mobile usability is a necessary element, it is not everything. On average you will have five to seven seconds to capture the attention of your users or recipients.

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  • 7 Mobile Marketing Trends Your Business Should be Watching

    This year’s mobile marketing climate will be big, and business providers are readying their brands for innovative solutions. In 2015, the mobile world experienced a massive boost. Enterprises, small businesses, and even solo entrepreneurs are powering solutions via mobile, engaging consumers at unprecedented speeds. Mobile is essential to your marketing strategy now.

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