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  • The Importance of Transparency

    The Importance of Transparency Posted: 05.13.2016 Transparency. Whether we are discussing transparency in the world of digital marketing or in the realm of project management, transparency should be the base for all of our interactions and work. At 3Q Digital, transparency is a foundation upon which we have built a thriving agency.

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  • The Work-Life Balance Experiment

    The Work-Life Balance Experiment Posted: 04.29.2016 This past week I decided to partake in a digital detox. Does that mean I purged my life of all things tech and ran to hug a tree? While I did actually hug a redwood tree during the week, I didn’t shun all digital ties to the outside world. The call of off the grid living with homemade kombucha and morning bikram yoga was st ...

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  • The Project Manager’s Motivational Sundae

    The Project Manager’s Motivational Sundae Posted: 03.18.2016 I’m not going to tell you that food is the best motivator…but food definitely is one of the best team motivators here at 3Q Digital. Effective motivation from the project manager will boost morale and lead to a more productive workplace with greater overall project success.

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  • How to Become a Project Leader Superhero

    How to Become a Project Leader Superhero Posted: 02.26.2016 Stepping into a new work environment and trying to find your team collaboration groove can be intimidating. Leading a new work group full of talented people with varying personalities and work styles does indeed take time and a certain amount of managerial prowess.

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  • Six steps to effective multi-location project management

    Six steps to effective multi-location project management Posted: 01.14.2016 Managing a team of 20- and 30-year-olds can sometimes be a lot like herding cats. With generous PTO and a flexible Work from Home policy here at 3Q, it can be difficult to keep track of every team member’s schedule and ensure that your project is on track for the expected completion date.

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