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  • Stop Making These 12 Word Choice Errors Once and for All

    Bill is at a wine bar on Saturday night, enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir. After striking up a playful conversation with Lisa (who prefers Syrah), he asks for her telephone number. Lisa agrees to Bill’s request, and he creates a new “contact” in his cell phone. “No,” Lisa stops Bill. “You’ll have to memorize it. I don’t want you to write it down.

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  • When to Send Article Pitches (and Other Important Emails)

    It feels good when you’ve done your research before pitching an article idea to an editor: You know the publication’s audience You know your topic offers value in unique ways You know the editor’s content preferences and pet peeves But you’re not done yet. Although hitting the “send” button on your email seems like an inconsequential step in your article pitching p ...

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  • A Simple Plan for Managing and Completing a Content Project

    On June 20, 2009, I was reading Copyblogger and I got a new idea: I should write an ebook. At that point, my writing and editing business was less than a year old, and I had never written anything that resembled a book. Could I actually do it? I knew I wanted to try, so I established a plan on July 1 that would help me write, design, and self-publish an ebook on my website by September 15.

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  • This Common Belief Could Be Blocking Your Creative Potential

    A woman brought her two Pomeranians to a barbecue I recently attended. I had never met her before, but overhearing her give the dogs commands in Norwegian, Italian, and English sparked a conversation between us and another guest. Hamburger in hand, the other barbecue-goer explained why he’s always had trouble learning a language other than English.

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  • Does Your Blog Need Editing and Proofreading?

    You might think that I’d recommend a thorough editing and proofreading process for every blog. But that’s not the case. Since I don’t know enough about your blog to answer the question I pose in the headline of this article for you, I want to provide tools that will help you evaluate your own publication.

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  • 3 Advanced Ways to Craft Better Sentences

    While the goal of “improving your content writing” may seem complex, it’s not necessarily more complicated than improving each sentence you write. Better sentences add up to better content. So, let’s break down content writing into sentence writing. I’m not about to show you how to write a “perfect” sentence.

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  • Master This Writing Practice to Find More Loyal Readers

    If you want to write about anything you’d like, as often as you’d like, there’s a place for that: your own website. It’s a modern privilege that gives writers the freedom to digitally publish their work publicly, with the potential to reach any reader with an internet connection. Can you imagine going back in time and telling that to someone who only wrote on paper? Someone ...

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  • 5 Content Optimization Mistakes You’ll Wish You Fixed Sooner

    By now you know that — technical details aside — SEO is not separate from content marketing; it’s an integrated aspect of content marketing. Optimizing your content for search engines is part of your craft and a skill you can strengthen with practice. But even when you rank well for search terms your audience uses, the real test is what happens when someone clicks through to your website.

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  • Everybody’s Working for the Weekday

    Why do we spend so much time researching, creating, optimizing, and promoting our content? “Geez, Stefanie. That’s a silly question,” you might be thinking. “You of all people should know that content marketing helps with our business goals. In fact, you wrote about that last week.” And you’d be absolutely correct. But that’s not what I want to focus on today.

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  • Why a Prospect You Want Chooses Your Competitor

    You had trouble sleeping again last night. Up until the time you got into bed, you were looking at their Twitter feed, their Facebook page, and their website. It’s your competitor. You’re completely preoccupied with everything they do … and for a seemingly good reason. Their customer base seems to keep growing and they keep expanding their offerings, while you’re just tryi ...

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  • 10 Modern Editing Tips for Meticulous Bloggers

    I watch a lot of YouTube videos about the best ways to clean your bathroom. In fact, I realized that I spend way more time watching “hacks, tricks, and tips” about how to efficiently clean a bathroom than I do actually cleaning my bathroom. Given the hundreds of thousands of views on these types of videos, perhaps it’s not just me.

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