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  • 5 ways to capitalize on Google Tag Manager

    Google Tag Manager (GTM) has revolutionized the way we implement scripts and tags on websites. However, many marketers aren’t fully utilizing this tool or capitalizing on its potential benefits. Here are five easy and impactful ways to use GTM. These tips will help you improve your analytics dashboards, your SEO results and your marketing automation programs. 1.

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  • 7 Google Analytics reports that demystify your B2B audience

    In my previous article, I discussed ways to measure and analyze website traffic, engagement and conversions. In this piece, I share seven of my favorite Google Analytics reports that help B2B marketers further analyze and understand website visitors. 1. Geographical report If you target certain regions or are running advertising campaigns in particular markets, the Geographic ...

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  • Improve B2B marketing results with Google Analytics

    Many B2B marketers have unique challenges when it comes to measuring digital marketing performance. Difficulties include long sales cycles, complex products and services and multiple influencers and decision makers. How can B2B marketers best use Google Analytics to improve website performance and marketing results? In this article I offer several get-started tips to help di ...

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