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  • CEI 089: Working with Your Energy with Video Guru Gideon Shalwick

    Today’s podcast is a bit unusual. Our guest is Gideon Shalwick, the go-to guy for all things video. You may have heard of Splasheo or Veeroll. If you have, he’s the brains behind both businesses! As you might expect, Gideon’s conversation with Danny starts out around the topic of video marketing. But then, about halfway through, the conversation does a 180 into productivity an ...

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  • CEI 086: Kick-Ass Marketing Funnels with Todd Brown

    On today’s episode of Connect, Engage, Inspire, we’re talking about funnels – marketing funnels, that is. Todd Brown from Marketing Funnel Automation is here to take us through all of the levels of marketing funnels and how to use them to generate more money and become more successful. So what does that really mean? Well, Todd is the king of kings of taking prospects and turni ...

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  • CEI 085: Authors and Your Audience With Jonny Andrew

    Writing a book is hard work, no matter if you’re writing fiction or non-fiction. But for a lot of authors, selling their book after they’ve written it is even harder. That’s why we’re really excited to welcome Jonny Andrew to the show today. Jonny runs a company called AudienceHacker, in which he teaches authors how to build an audience who absolutely can’t wait to get their h ...

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  • CEI 084: Simplifying Your Next Successful Launch With Anne Samoilov

    Have you ever been getting ready to launch a product or new service and everything is going smoothly until, bam, something inevitably goes wrong? We’ve certainly been there before, and we bet you have too. That’s why we’re excited to talk to Anne Samoilov, the queen and founder of Fearless Launching, on today’s podcast. Anne has managed a ton of huge projects including Hollywood movies.

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  • CEI 082: Systems That Work For Your Business With Natasha Vorompiova

    Imagine having your business set up so that it runs smoothly with or without you, brings in more money than ever, and has the greatest possible impact on the world. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? That’s the leading line on, run by Natasha Vorompiova. And it just so happens that Natasha is Danny’s guest on today’s podcast! Natasha firmly believes that systems ...

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  • CEI 081: Self Publishing and Kickstarter Campaigns with Sean Platt

    If you’ve been listening to our podcast for the last little while or if you’re an author online, you have to know Sean Platt. He’s got the most unique views on self publishing and breaks all the rules of the traditional writing world. He’s the author of Write. Publish. Repeat., and part of an amazing team. Most recently, his team embarked on a new writing campaign that took place on Kickstarter.

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  • CEI 080: Finding and Following Your Inspiration With Simon Sinek

    Do you wake up every morning wishing that you could do the things that inspire you? Or maybe you wake up wishing that you could do something that would inspire others to do what inspires them. Being inspired, and inspiring others, is a big part of the work that we do here at Firepole. So when Danny sat down with Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, we were really excited! S ...

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  • CEI 079: Finding Entrepreneurial Freedom with Natalie Sisson

    Have you ever felt bogged down by your work and day-to-day tasks? Are you constantly dreaming about your ideal day, or your last vacation, and wishing you could be there instead? If so, you’re going to love today’s podcast. Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, is sitting down with Danny to teach us how to do exactly that: get more freedom in our lives.

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  • CEI 076: A New Kind of Networking with John Corcoran

    John Corcoran has been a politician, a speech writer, a lawyer, and an internet marketer. But despite these seemingly un-connected jobs, John’s always been great at building professional networks in his field. In fact, John is one of the most interesting people we know. And today, he’s going to let us in on some of the secrets and strategies he uses to build solid and trustworthy relationships.

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  • CEI 074: Making Connections on LinkedIn with Josh Turner

    Have you ever been online and wondered “Can I make more connections for my business?” Here at Firepole, we’re all about community and building relationships online. That’s why we invited Josh Turner onto today’s show. Josh is the founder of Linked Selling and of Linked University, an online place where people can go to learn to improve and grow their business using LinkedIn.

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  • CEI 071: Scale Your Business with David Finkel

    Today’s podcast is on an issue that isn’t covered very often in the online marketing world. Heck, it isn’t even covered very often in the offline business world! You see, there are a lot of books about how to start a business. And there are a lot of books about how to run big businesses – like Fortune 500 companies.

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