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  • Anatomy of a Google search listing

    Are you looking to dominate in Google search results? Your strategy needs to involve more than keyword research and a savvy AdWords campaign. In order to make the most of your Google presence, you need to craft a search result that entices users to click through to your web page. This is a crucial yet often-ignored aspect of SEO.

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  • Contributor, beware of PageRank-hoarding publishers

    So you’ve written an amazing piece and scored the placement of your dreams. It took hours of blood, sweat and tears to brainstorm the topic, develop a clever hook, write the copy and source compelling imagery — not to mention the research and the outreach required to score the perfect publisher. And now you eagerly await the payoff: that hard-earned “link love” to drive up your Google rankings.

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  • 6 ways to grow your podcast audience with SEO

    Along with technical SEO and links, high-quality, interesting, engaging content is one of the three main pillars of any successful SEO strategy. Traditional content strategies use blog posts, articles, images, and sometimes video as the main sources of content. And while those can be awesome for driving traffic and supporting your SEO efforts, podcasts are an often overlooke ...

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  • Monetizing your SEO expertise

    I have a theory: the best SEO practitioners in the world are not consultants helping their clients get rich. Rather, they are their own clients. Or, if they do have clients, they’ve figured out a way to have them on a performance pricing model in order to share in the client’s upside. How are these rock-star SEOs their own clients, you ask? It could be a range of things — th ...

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  • SEO is not dead; it’s just a shape-shifter

    I’m so tired of hearing various pundits say that SEO is dead. Maybe they are merely being provocative. Perhaps they need to fill seats in their event, and so they come up with “bait” session titles like “Why SEO is fundamentally DEAD.” (Yes, that was actually a keynote title at a very popular conference last year.) Or maybe they drank their own Kool-Aid and really believe this nonsense.

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  • 7 quick SEO hacks for the SEO newbie

    Perhaps you believe that you already found the easy stuff, the “low-hanging fruit,” as it were: good keywords for your niche, optimized titles and body copy, an XML sitemap. Nevertheless, you can’t seem to break past your competitors in the Google SERPs for your most coveted keywords. You may not have the time or resources right now to do an expensive site overhaul or to eve ...

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