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  • How to Use Internal Search for SEO

    How can e-commerce sites leverage internal search data for SEO? Justin Briggs explains in this week’s video. Internal search data provides useful insights on how your customers search. Basically, your customers are giving you free keyword research. 1. Information Architecture Look at how your customers are searching and compare that to the information architecture.

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  • You Don’t Need Relationships, You Just Need a Good Pitch

    Everyone says that good PR and good content marketing are all about relationships. That’s great, but what happens when you don’t have any? You’re not out of luck. Major features from top-tier publishers, articles on niche blogs, and endorsements from social influencers are all within reach — even if you’re a nobody — as long as you can write a good pitch.

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  • How to Optimize Your Android App for Google Play

    Optimizing your Android app for the Google Play Store is a little different than optimizing for the Apple App Store. Google Play doesn’t have a keyword field like Apple does, so you’ll need to work keywords in your description (about five times each) to maximize visibility and downloads. Titles need to be much shorter, too. Check out the guide and learn more below.

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  • App Store Listing Optimization Guide

    Once you create a great app, you need to make sure people can easily find it in the App Store. (If you’re looking for Android help, check out our Google Play guide.) Optimizing your app listing can help you improve your rankings and visibility, getting you more downloads and more revenue. Here are some best practices for creating your Apple App Store listing.

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  • How to Stand Out in a Publisher’s Inbox

    Content Marketing, Earned Media, Media Relations, Owned Media, Relationship Building Getting the attention of bloggers, editors, and journalists is a constant challenge for content marketers and PR professionals. BuzzStream & recently partnered to survey them about what works. The publisher feedback was loud and clear: keep your pitch simple, be concise, and send ...

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