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  • TripAdvisor Study Shows Room for Growth in Restaurant Marketing

    Tight margins and fierce competition have always been hallmarks of the restaurant industry, but changes in the way consumers decide where to dine are forcing restaurateurs to get even more strategic in how they promote their businesses. According to the results of a new survey by TripAdvisor more than eight in 10 restaurateurs in the United States believe they should be doing ...

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  • Case Study: Ski Resort Uses Triggered Campaigns to Convert Passholders

    Merchant: Mission Ridge Ski Area Location: Wenatchee, Washington Platforms: Ascent360, MailChimp, Siriusware, Facebook Bottom Line: Businesses looking to foster long-term relationships with guests can use triggered campaigns to better understand their audiences’ needs. Long before the first winter snowflake ever hits the ground, ski resort marketers are already ramping up ...

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  • Freckle IoT Inks Global Partnership with Cisco

    Freckle IoT has announced a global partnership with Cisco, allowing the in-store attribution vendor to leverage Cisco’s Meraki access points and more efficiently tie brand advertising campaigns to offline visits on a global scale. As part of the new partnership, Freckle will be a member of Cisco’s Solution Partner Program.

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  • What Happens to Local Data When Physical Stores Close?

    More than 8,600 brick-and-mortar stores are expected to close this year, up from 2,056 in 2016 and 5,077 in 2015. But long after the doors have been shuttered for the final time, much of the local data for those stores remains online. For national chains with hundreds of storefronts spread across the country, outdated location data can lead to frustrated shoppers and missed o ...

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  • Case Study: Hospitality Group Uses CRM to Understand Customer Patterns

    Merchant: Garces Group Location: East Coast Size: 14 locations Platforms: Facebook, Google, Instagram, OpenTable, Twitter, Venga Bottom Line: CRM platforms allow multi-location businesses to pool the customer data coming in from all of their physical locations in real-time. “What do our customers think about the job we’re doing?” That’s a question most businesses are look ...

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  • Report: Delivery Apps Don’t Cannibalize Restaurant Visits

    Consumer tastes are changing, and the restaurant industry is feeling the heat. Although restaurant sales are expected to reach $799 billion this year, the rate of growth has remained tepid, and restaurant owners are looking for someone to blame. Enter the third-party delivery service. Popular apps like UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates have drawn the ire of restaurant owners ...

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  • xAd Rebrands as GroundTruth in Push to Expand Beyond AdTech

    In a signal of where the location technology space is heading, the location-based mobile advertising technology firm xAd announced this morning that it is expanding its scope and rebranding with a new name that better reflects the emerging landscape. “The name xAd served us well for the past eight years. But it also limited us with the name ‘ad’ in it.

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  • Study Finds New Opportunities For Firms Integrating Ad, Marketing Tech

    Study Finds New Opportunities For Firms Integrating Ad, Marketing Tech June 7, 2017 by Stephanie Miles Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Success in hyperlocal marketing has always hinged on the ability to connect with the right consumers at the right time. Now, as more people use mobile devices in their everyday lives, many tried-and-true techniques for marketing to consume ...

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  • Case Study: Auto Shop Outsources Social Ad Campaigns

    Merchant: Reliable Auto Repair Location: San Jose, California Platforms: ReachLocal, Facebook, Google, Yelp Bottom Line: Business owners that don’t have personal Facebook accounts are more likely to outsource the management of their professional social media campaigns. As social media advertising becomes more pervasive, businesses have to do more to get noticed.

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  • How to Influence Customers Through Online Reviews

    Trust matters, particularly in the “fake news” era, and consumers are getting smarter in how they research the brands and products they buy. Rather than relying on the information in website pop-up ads and marketing pitches, consumers are leaning more heavily on online reviews. This is especially true for gen-Xers and millennials, who ranked online reviews as the No.

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  • 5 Platforms Brands Can Use for Smarter Customer Communications

    Marketers are in control over the channels they use to communicate with customers and the type of content they put out, but once a marketer presses “send” on an email, social, or SMS campaign, consumers take the reins in deciding how to engage with the content they receive. Low engagement rates can derail even the most ambitious digital marketing program, leading marketers to ...

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  • 7 Ways That Brands Can Make Chatbot Conversations More Authentic

    Chatbots are transforming the customer experience and quickly moving into new sectors, like real estate and healthcare, but before marketers can expect conversation mimicking software and artificial intelligence to replace live customer service representatives and salespeople, they’ll need to find ways to overcome some of the obstacles preventing widespread consumer adoption.

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  • Case Study: Convenience Store Chain Streamlines Mobile Offer Creation

    Merchant: Kum & Go Size: 430 stores Locations: Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wyoming Platform: Koupon Media, Facebook Bottom Line: Using a platform that specializes in creating and distributing mobile offers can save businesses administrative time and curb instances of fraud.

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  • 5 Ways Retailers Are Using Marketing Tech to Support Personalization Efforts

    5 Ways Retailers Are Using Marketing Tech to Support Personalization Efforts April 4, 2017 by Stephanie Miles Leave a Comment Filed Under: Features Personalization, or one-to-one marketing, has become a key element for marketers looking for ways to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Eighty-six percent of consumers say retailer personalization impacts their purchasing ...

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