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  • Tips that Make You a Better Blogger: Coming Up with a Blog Name

    When you’re about to start a new blog, you have lots of things on your mind: the niche, schedule, length of posts, target audience, titles and themes of the first few posts, the design, promote those posts.. this list can go on and on. Have you forgotten about the blog name? It’s funny how many prospective bloggers know exactly what they are going to do with their site, but f ...

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  • 3 Key Tips On How to Make Your Website User-Friendly

    Making your website user-friendly is extremely important to make sure your customers keep coming back. When UsabilityTools published the results of a case study that analyzed and tested the websites of 8 universities, it became clear that the people preferred websites with clear menu labels and transparent information.

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  • Tips for Using Keywords When Writing Blog Post

    Search engine optimization is easy. All you need to do is use automated software that launches popular keywords, so you can includes those words and phrases into your content, right? Wait; it’s not that easy! You need a strategic approach that combines diligent research, audience scanning, and setting specific goals for each piece of content you create.

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