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  • How to Setup Cross-Domain Tracking between Universal & Legacy GA

    What do you do when you’re stuck with Legacy GA tracking on a third-party platform? When a website is running an old version of Google Analytics (GA) code, our first step is to upgrade them to the current code set, Universal. But, on occasion, part of the user journey may happen on another domain on some third-party platform where updating code is not feasible.

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  • GTM Match Table Variable Generator (Lookup Tables & Beyond)

    Need to make a big lookup table? Wish lookup tables supported regex? We built a Google Sheet that will save you a ton of time. Grab the template or read on to learn more. GTM Lookup Tables Are Awesome Google Tag Manager's 'lookup table' Variable type is awesome because it: allows for great flexibility without requiring custom JavaScript or tons of Tags is very fast, regardless of table size (i.

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