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  • How to Become an Immersive Storyteller (and Boost Engagement)

    Immersive storytelling was on nearly every list of top trends for 2017 – and with good reason. Companies report increased user engagement, interest, and brand loyalty after telling stories with content instead of simply trying to push sales. Modern technologies have taken storytelling to the next level, pulling the audience directly into the experience, instead of keeping them ...

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  • Six Ways to Generate Stellar Social Media Content

    Content marketers are always looking for new ways to grow their brands and build awareness. To increase your business, you need to go where the customers are – and these days, your potential customers are almost guaranteed to be on some sort of social media network. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms have changed marketing.

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes You Must Avoid

    If you have a website, you want people to see it. If it’s a blog, you want people to read it, and if it’s a product, you want people to buy it. The first step is getting your page to pop during a search. Next, you need your target audience to click the link. At this point, the battle is not over. You need that customer to convert – to buy, follow, sign up, etc.

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  • Why Your Social Media Campaign Is Not Working and How to Fix It

    In this the age of connectivity, consumer expectations are high. They expect their fitness devices to speak to their phones, which talk to their laptops, which link to their e-readers, which have full web access. Each of these products in turn should connect with social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have quickly become hubs of communication – it’s ...

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  • Ways to Gain Influence through Blogging

    Blogging has quickly become more than a simple method of engaging consumers – it’s now the most important way to engage them! Although social media is frequently touted as the key to digital marketing success, blogs actually hold more power to influence purchases. Although the full effect has yet to be realized by more traditional organizations, there’s a growing recognition ...

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  • How to Develop a Mobile Content Strategy

    The digital marketing landscape changes by the hour. Each passing minute sees an increasing number of users turn to their smartphones and tablets for shopping and searching. This makes your company’s mobile content strategy more important than ever. Thanks to the ever-evolving marketing landscape, your company must stay on its toes and constantly adapt to the demands of a per ...

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  • How to Build Your Brand By Giving It Personality

    For better or worse, the cultural phenomenon known as "Kimye" is here to stay. Visit just about any social media or news website, and you'll be bombarded with images and stories of power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. While their popularity is undeniable, critics question their claim to fame. So how do they maintain their place in the spotlight? Personal branding.

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  • How to Design ‘Alive & Kicking’ Contact Us Pages

    A Contact Us page is the concluding page of a website that entices its visitors to contact the organization and make an inquiry. The Contact Us page is as important as the summary of an article or the ending of a mystery story. Can you ignore it? No, you cannot! So what must you do to make your Contact Us page ‘alive and kicking’? Let’s find out about some effective ways in this post here.

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