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  • Does Google Really Know Where You Are?

    Earlier this year, I was trading anecdotes with a couple of fellow marketing professionals who were struggling to make sense of the geolocation settings within Google AdWords. Underlying everything we assume about geo-targeting is Google’s ability to correctly locate the user. If we are looking to serve ads to people in New York City, then (obviously) we need to target peopl ...

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  • Where On Earth Are You?

    How much does Google know about Toronto? If you run a search then Google will tell you that Toronto has a population of almost 3 million people. If you geo-target Toronto in Google AdWords – just the city centre, there are almost 10 million. So which is it? Well, it’s almost 3 million. So, in that case, who are the other 7 million? And where are they? This is at t ...

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