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  • Electioneering & email 2016: evolving voter engagement

    Former Speaker of the House and veteran Boston politician Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics is local.” Whether stumping for votes at the local union hall or country club or trudging door-to-door, every politician since Pericles has understood the importance of a hearty handshake and the chance to look the voter square in the eye.

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  • Can A Hybrid Email Sending Strategy Give You The Best Of Both Worlds?

    A very long time ago — at least in “Technology Time,” where huge leaps of evolution can seem to happen practically overnight — businesses began to use email as a fundamental tool to reach and engage consumers. How they implemented it was pretty straightforward: They invested in their own on-premise software systems, so they could self-manage their email programs.

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  • Behaviorally-Triggered Email Marketing: It’s Easier Than You Think

    It’s right there, glowing on the horizon: the promise of delivering behaviorally triggered messages to consumers — contextually aware engagement that’s tailored and relevant to each and every individual. Yet, as we’ve discussed in a previous post, 70 percent of brands have admitted they’ve failed to personalize email messages at all, let alone used behavioral data for triggering.

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  • Email Best Practice Pros: Lifescript Goes Heart-To-Heart

    Lifescript, a website for women’s health, is a flourishing player in a high-stakes game where precision execution and technical finesse have to function in harmony with spot-on content that’s rigorously factual but also embraces celebrity culture and entertainment. (Disclosure: Lifescript is a Message Systems client.

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  • Email Best Practice Pros: Pinterest Pins Engagement On Email

    What’s the fastest-growing social media network, with what may be the greatest potential future upside for marketers? Picture this: It’s Pinterest. Its success is exceptional, a pattern of continual growth — and a big share of that success owes to how Pinterest has shrewdly deployed email to onboard users, reinforcing its brand, engaging its community and giving marketers im ...

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  • Email Best Practice Pros: Next Glass Taps Into Predictive Possibilities

    Beer, of course, gave us civilization, according to historians and anthropologists who have explored the misty originals of communities and cultures at the dawn of the human epoch. It was the one sure way of slaking thirst with potable water that wouldn’t give us dysentery (or worse), and by allowing people to socialize and communicate more freely, beer led to advances in com ...

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  • Reaping The Email Personalization Payoff

    Even if you were making a strictly intuitive argument about applying the power of Big Data personalization to email marketing, it would still make sense: Any of us respond better to a personalized query, a sales pitch that hits our individual pain points or aspirations, the right offer that arrives at the right time … But, of course, there’s plenty of data to make the case, too: Experian’s 20.

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  • 8 Things ISPs Really Want Email Marketers To Know

    There’s nothing more valuable than assembling some serious industry brainpower in one room for a good discussion around immediate and future challenges, and we were recently able to get up close and personal with two — two, count ‘em! — panels that brought members of ISP brain trusts together. In past years, the Internet Service Providers Panel, hosted by Message Systems at ...

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  • (Dis)Content Marketing: How To Survive The Shakeout

    Content marketing. Heard of it? Whether B2C or B2B, content growth has obviously gone ballistic. Among everybody from mom-and-pop retailers to the biggest brands on the planet, content in all its many forms has been anointed king, whether it’s your blog, site content, viral video, e-book or any of the other multifold formats that fit under the umbrella of “content.

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  • Best Practice Pros: How The NFL Scores Big In Email

    In our earlier profiles of email marketers that can serve as solid prototypes for other businesses, we dissected LinkedIn and Groupon: one a social media community, the other a massive e-commerce hub. Each found its own specific ways to use email as a primary pillar in acquisition and CRM. This time around, we’ll leaf through the email marketing playbook (if you’ll pardon th ...

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  • Best Practice Pros: How Groupon Manages Its Email Programs

    Last month, we took a long look at LinkedIn, exploring how it uses email as a key component of creating, sustaining and driving its online community and overall business model. This time around, let’s examine a marketer whose name is practically synonymous with email engagement. Ask nearly anyone about which brands’ promotional emails land in their inbox, and there is an exc ...

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  • Why Timely Data Trumps Big Data In Email & Mobile Marketing

    By their very nature, email and mobile marketing campaigns produce large amounts of data. This information can be a gold mine for knowing what’s working and what’s not working with your messaging programs, especially when it comes to figuring out how many eyeballs actually see your content and how recipients are acting on your messages.

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