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  • The best clearomizer for vaping and making clouds.

    The clearomizers are one of the most versatile types of tanks on the market as they are also one of the newest and most popular devices on the market. With the clear tank you can know how much of the e juice is still available to be vaporized. Because of this there are two types of design the top heating coil with longer wicks to get the e juice giving better flavor but fewer ...

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  • The best vape battery for starters and hobbyist alike.

    In order to find the battery that you want you’ll first have to know how to choose them in simple terms it comes to capacity and current rating, but what is this and I have to be an engineer to understand it? Not at all, if you have used a flashlight then you’ll inherently know what to look for in a battery.

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  • Your guide to e juice for vaping and top ten for vaping.

    The best e juice that you can find is very different from person to person so we summarized a list of the best e-juices with distinction between their different types and brands so you’ll know which one is the indicated for you even if you are a beginner or an experienced vaper by knowing it’s PG/VG ratios.

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