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  • Top mistakes new online retailers make

    Are you new to the wonderful world of e-commerce? Are you hoping to hit the ground running, turning your store into a great success overnight? Although you may have the best intentions, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll make mistakes from time to time. However, you should set the goal of avoiding the many errors that have plagued thousands of people before you.

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  • Is interest targeting the future of marketing?

    Getting to your audience and engaging with them have become so much easier with the platforms and analytics that help you find them. However, it’s now possible to narrow down your target audience even further based on their interests. This means that you would be able to get closer to those who would be most attracted to what you have to offer, and you would appeal to them on ...

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  • How to master content marketing for your e-commerce company

    Getting increased online visibility can be a significant challenge for e-commerce businesses. As you’ve likely already figured out, it’s not easy attracting search traffic, links and social shares when all you have is product pages. But this is where content marketing comes in. It lets you go beyond simply promoting your products or services.

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  • Top 10 payment processing companies in the world

    In the simplest terms, a payment processor is a company that handles transactions between two parties, such as a merchant and a customer. It accomplishes the payment by relaying the payment information, like a credit card, from the customer to the merchant’s preferred bank account. In most traditional transactions, payment processors involve the following parties: the custom ...

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  • 7 steps to building your client list

    Making a new friend is much easier than making a new client. If you need a friend, just walk up to any stranger, offer to buy them a coffee and go from there, no strings attached. That would work on me. Just saying. Business relationships, on the other hand, are full of strings, and a friendly approach isn’t enough. After all, this isn’t just friendship.

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  • Customer Service 101: Three things you can do today to win over your customers

    Everyone wants to deliver exceptional customer service. However, wanting to do so and actually achieving it are two entirely different things, especially if you consider recent statistics on the state of customer service. Here’s why you should care about customer service: A survey from Aspect found that 76 percent of consumers believe that service is the true measurement of h ...

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  • Don’t Just Sell: How To Make Customers Buy

    Almost all businesses today say they want to focus on customers’ needs and delight them with great offerings in order to make them buy. However, only a handful of businesses in each industry successfully manage to make customers buy their products. Most businesses just focus on selling their products.

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  • How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy For 2016

    Content marketing is an intimidating, but necessary, part of raising brand awareness now. It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of SEO elements, content guidelines, audience interests and promotional strategies. But at the heart of it, content marketing has one simple central tenet: Deliver fresh, unique and informative content that taps into the interests of your target audience.

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  • 10 Steps To Target And Connect With Potential Customers Effectively

    Brainstorming an effective marketing strategy is never easy work — you have to make decisions on who you think your target customers are, then spend an enormous amount of time gathering and analyzing data about their consumer habits. It’s either time-consuming or expensive, and often it’s both. However, this time and monetary investment could yield game-changing results for your company.

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  • How A Small Business Can Automate Social Media And PR

    Small businesses feel at a disadvantage when it comes to creating an effortless social media and PR plan that engages with a target audience and has an actual ROI. It’s a daunting task, and most small businesses end up throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Trust me, it ain’t pretty. However, it can be done with some simple best practices and some strategic planning.

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  • 20 Signs Your Business Needs A Facelift

    “When you put your heart and soul into your work, it can be very hard to let go.” – Richard Branson For most entrepreneurs and small business owners, there comes a point when they must answer a serious and deflating question: “When is it time to give up on my business?” When you take a closer look at your business, however, there may be a possibility that you don’t actually ...

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  • 10 Online Marketing Shortcuts To Increase Productivity

    Let’s face it, our collective attention spans are either at zero or hovering right around it. Whether you’re in marketing, advertising or any industry for that matter, the world we live in does not exactly allow for much patience. We are all looking for shortcuts to get what we need to get done in a given day.

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