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  • Does Google Read Text in Images? NEW Evidence Says Yes!

    At some point in every SEOs career, they’ve likely told a client they should not put text in images because Google can’t read them, but is this still the case? I have found conclusive evidence that Google does indeed use character recognition to scan images for text! Is it perfect? Can it read all types of text? No, but here’s the proof that Google is indeed doing this.

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  • How to Launch a Successful Corporate Blog

    Sections: SEO Considerations Search-Worthy Content Driving Traffic Conversion (advanced) Summary SEO Considerations I recommend not going too broad with your blog, keep articles on-topic and of course on-brand. Search engines will begin to categorize your blog, so it’s important that you send the right signals by staying focused on your themes.

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  • What Should I Choose? SEO vs. PPC as a Career

    Full disclosure: I’m writing this as a someone who is intensely passionate about SEO; I enjoy it immensely and could never imagine doing anything else. That said, I am going to give you my 99% unbiased take to help you decide which career path is right for you: SEO or PPC (or search engine marketing, SEM, as it’s also referred to).

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  • 11 Valuable Tips for Driving Local Customers to your Business

    Background There was a time in Google where you could search for Pizza and the results were the same and not specific to your locations. Since 2010 with the introduction of Google Places, Google began to show maps listings in local search results. In order to qualify for Google Places, businesses needed to sign up and verify their location through a postcard and PIN number verification.

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  • Boost Local SEO Rankings with Citations and More

    Google has placed a lot of emphasis on having correct name, address phone number citations on the web. A consistent Name, Address, Phone Number (otherwise known as NAP) helps ensure that you exist at the address Google thinks you exist at. There would be no worse user experience than someone typing an address into Google Maps and them sending you to a location that has moved or doesn’t exist.

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  • 18 Clever Ways to Make your Website More Trustworthy

    I want you to ask yourself one simple question about your website: What do your visitors need to believe about you before they contact you? This simple question can spark a torrent of ideas to improve the trustworthiness of your website. Having a trustworthy website will lead to a higher conversion rate. In this blog I’m going to list 18 effective strategies for increasing your trust.

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