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  • Is Yelp’s Slowing Growth a Function of Mobile’s Adolescence?

    It’s been a turbulent few months from Yelp. Rumors of a potential acquisition have created volatility for shares of the reviews site, compounding investor concerns after a first quarter earnings report that showed lower than expected profits and sluggish user growth sparked a sell-off in April — the largest sell in its three years as a public company.

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  • The Connected Local Economy: A New Way to Understand Innovation in Local

    The Connected Local Economy: A New Way to Understand Innovation in Local June 10, 2015 by Steven Jacobs Leave a Comment Filed Under: Off the Block These days, the web is more than a marketing engine for businesses that sell their wares in the real world. Cafes and coffee shops ring up lattes over the Internet; service professionals manage appoints in the cloud; and diners o ...

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  • Why Local Search Is the Key to Groupon’s Turnaround

    At Groupon, a future beyond daily deals may rest on the company’s ability to make sense of a technology that preceded it: search. As executives look to wean the company off an increasingly challenging email marketing strategy and reposition it as a marketplace that shoppers chose to visit, the Chicago-based company has invested considerably in building the infrastructure to co ...

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  • 5 Hot Startups Connecting the Local Economy

    Our local economies are changing. But it’s not just big box stores and ecommerce sites that are impacting our malls and main streets: the web has started to reinvent the very systems that help us find, buy and get on our hands on goods and service for sale in the real world. The success of Uber and Airbnb have sparked a renewed interest (and renewed investment) in startups wo ...

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  • Report: More Than Half of Mobile Location Data is Inaccurate

    Report: More Than Half of Mobile Location Data is Inaccurate May 14, 2015 by Steven Jacobs Leave a Comment Filed Under: Field Notes Its been a banner year for the mobile advertising, but the industry still faces structural issues that could inhibit growth. To wit: the growing importance of programmatic buying, where marketers buy media via data not content, has suddenly put ...

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  • Groupon Tries to Move Beyond Reputation for Discounts

    At six years old, Groupon is younger than its earnings report would suggest. The company posted mixed earnings Tuesday with stronger-than-expected profits but slimmer revenue, due in large part to currency fluctuations impacting its international business. The quarter, which saw the sale of a cornerstone asset in Asia and a continued reboot at home, captures the clutter of a s ...

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  • Yelp Reportedly Explores a Sale — Could Priceline Be a Fit?

    Yelp may be on the auction block. That’s according to a report from the Wall Street Journal that said the reviews site was in conversation with investment bankers to find a buyer for the multi-billion dollar company. No prospective buyers were named in the report, but in addition to the usual suspects, one less likely company stands out as a potential candidate: Priceline Grou ...

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  • Factual CEO: Machine Learning Could Upend Local Search

    Gil Elbaz has built his life around numbers. The Los Angeles native spent time as an engineer at IBM in the early 1990s before he made his name building the technology behind AdSense, the product that helped Google turn a popular product into an exceedingly profitable business. These days, Elbaz runs Factual, the L.A.

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  • Groupon Plans to Start Selling Beacons to Merchants

    Groupon may sell itself as a local commerce company, but its core local deals business is quickly taking a supporting role in all metrics except one: profit. The company announced solid fourth quarter earnings Thursday evening, finishing the year with gains in both revenue and gross billings during a seasonally busy holiday season.

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  • Yelp Acquires Eat24, Bringing the Battle to GrubHub

    Yelp is officially in the commerce business. The company announced Tuesday it had acquired Eat24, a food ordering service that competes with Grubhub, for $134 million in cash and stock. The move positions Yelp in direct competition with its other food ordering partners and puts the company on a collision course with Grubhub, the online ordering firm that went public last yea ...

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  • Grubhub Has Made Its Biggest Move Since the Seamless Merger

    In the most important move since its merger with Seamless, Grubhub has acquired two delivery companies in an effort to build its own delivery network. The move marks a transition in the company’s strategy from a focus on moving an existing delivery market online to using the web to expand the delivery market as a whole.

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  • Marketers Know Even More About Offline Behavior Than You Think

    Last year, I wrote a series of essays outlining the growing impact of data on the local technology industry. An explosion of cloud-connected devices, I argued, was spawning a new dataset of offline behaviors — what we called local data — that could help local marketers, sellers and economies better compete with the ecommerce industry. The thesis is in the process of bearing itself out.

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