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  • Which Comes First: SEO Strategy or Budget? NEITHER!

    It may not be the “chicken or the egg” conundrum (I have documented proof it’s the chicken!) but in the wide world of web marketing, the question of “What comes first, the budget or the strategy?” is about as brain twisting as it gets. I think most businesses tend to operate on the idea that you build the strategy and then decide if it fits your budget.

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  • Is Your SEO Killing It or Getting Killed?

    “Movement is life.” In the movie World War Z, those were the words Brad Pitt’s character spoke to a family who opted to barricade themselves into their apartment rather than seeking to be rescued with him. To be fair, they had a good thing going: a few weapons, some food, and even beer. For them, movement was the unknown. Staying put kept them in their comfort zone, where they felt protected.

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  • 4 Ways to Make Your Ordinary Content Epic

    Content marketing is making a resurgence. The good news is that SEOs and web marketers are now, more than ever, focused on producing quality content, rather than simply generating large amounts of it. Quality trumps quantity. While it’s important to blog on a regular basis, creating and keeping to some type of editorial calendar, we want to stay focused on the quality of that content.

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