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  • Data protection and data rebuilding capabilities of RAID ensures business continuity

    When you are planning for data backup, you have to consider the financial feasibility along with the technical feasibility of the method. The huge increase in data volume is posing a serious challenge to effectively plan for data recovery by backing up entire data on suitable media. It is now impractical to store entire systems of hard drives on non-volatile media like tape.

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  • 5 Glaring Signs That Your Business Requires Cloud Computing Services

    Today, businesses are operating in a space defined by constant technological revolution. The need for consumer mobile apps is at an all-time high. On the other hand, there is huge pressure to use big data in more meaningful ways. Many companies and organizations are also grappling with cyber threats and constant security risks.

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  • WordPress and Salesforce Come Together to Offer Smooth Business Operations

    WordPress is the leading CMS and Salesforce is the leading CRM. Combining the two gives the best results one could ever hope for. This conjoint platform provides the latest tools for data collection and the best solutions for data management. What you need to know before integration Integration of two omnipotent platforms is serious business. You cannot integrate CRM and CMS platforms by fluke.

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  • 7 Advanced Twitter Marketing Tips to Boost Your Visibility

    What started out as a social networking site where fans could follow celebrities, post updates and interact with each other has evolved to become a marketing platform. Yes! I’m talking about Twitter, the social media platform with over 328 million active users, ranked the ninth largest social network in the world.

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  • WordPress and E-Commerce: A Perfect Harmony

    Since its launch in 2003, WordPress’s popularity has been on a steady rise. It powers over 45% of the entire web, and it powers over 2 million active sites today. On the other hand, in the last ten years, e-commerce has gained momentum. It is gradually becoming clear that online commerce is the future of all businesses worldwide.

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  • Do You Want to Convert PSD to HTML? Keep the Following Points in Mind

    If you are planning on building a website that is unique in every aspect, PSD to HTML is the best way to go. Unlike the use of frameworks, you get to build elements that are unique to you. This means you will not find another website using the same elements as you as is the case with the use of such things as WordPress themes.

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  • 14 Tips To Help You In Marketing Your WordPress Site

    The purpose of the WordPress site can only be achieved once it is able to attract people to read your content and share it. However, getting the attention of the targeted individuals online needs strategies. Numerous folks have been frustrated after setting up the sites because they lack the creative strategies of capturing the minds of readers. Below are helpful tips for marketing the sites.

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  • The Impact of Social Media on Database Marketing

    Effective social media marketing means pulling together your entire client’s data. Achieving maximum grasp of your clients requires you to combine and put together every bit of information you have about them. Instead of creating new channels and data files with your online clients, you should consider bringing together all the accessible information.

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