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  • The Modern Face Of Display

    When I began in search, display advertising had been oversaturated with the most infamous of elements — pop up ads, flashing banners and punch-the-monkey gimmicks were everywhere. Among we cool, hip, search folks, there was a general consensus that display ads just didn’t work. It was in 2005 that Google infamously promised to never show display ads (a promise long since broken).

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  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Display Advertising In 2015

    2015 is racing toward us all, and it’s worth taking a few minutes to think about how you’re going to improve your display efforts when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Inspired by common personal resolutions, here are five ways to make 2015 your best year ever. Get In Shape Is your display advertising slacking and weak? Do you want to make your campaigns lean, mean and gree ...

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  • Care & Feeding Of Creatives

    Display advertising is centered around its ad creative. While the technology and channels used to serve ads are undeniably important, without a killer ad campaign, your marketing is dead in the water. Developing fresh creative and knowing when that creative is ready to retire are key to display success.

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  • Native Advertising: Inspired Or Invasive?

    Google Image Search Free for Commercial Use In magazines, it’s called an advertorial. In academia, it’s a sponsored study. In search, it’s paid placement. But whatever the name, the goal is the same – produce content that looks and feels unbiased but is actually an ad for a particular service or product.

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  • Up Close @SMX East: What I Wish CMOs Knew About Search Marketing

    Few, if any, CMOs have a deep understanding of search marketing. That means communicating the value of your search marketing efforts is your responsibility. In this no-holds-barred discussion, our panelists will address the challenges they face working “in the trenches,” and offer advice on how to convince your CMO – and other lead executives – that a comprehensive, unified s ...

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  • Up Close @ SMX East: The 4th Wave Of Content Marketing

    “Content may be king, but content marketing is Game of Thrones — it’s a constant struggle to stay ahead. The cacophony is a challenge not only for marketers, but also for prospects besieged with a metric ton of reports, white papers, ebooks, and buyer’s guides. Innovation to break through this noise in content marketing has come in waves: first with SEO, second with rich conte ...

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  • Is Your Retargeting Missing The Bullseye?

    In my last article, I told you about the retargeting trap – this is where marketers rush to put all their money into retargeting because the conversion rate seems to be so good, but they end up sacrificing the critical elements of filling the funnel. However, there’s another retargeting trap that’s wasting your marketing dollars: bad math.

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