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  • Designing the Right Kind of Social Media Campaign for Your Business

    Are you planning to set up a social media campaign? Do you know how to get social media strategies initiated? For any successful and efficient social media tactics, one needs to establish a robust team and day-to-day plan. Most businesses blindly follow various online marketing tactics without knowing how well they work.

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  • Division of Property in a Divorce

    Division of Property in a Divorce in Texas by Fort Worth Divorce Attorney Susan Smith Everyone assumes that community property will be split 50/50 during a divorce. Yet, this assumption is wrong. When going through a divorce, a judge will divide community property according to a “just and right” division.

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  • What is an Advance Directive?

    What is an Advance Directive? by Fort Worth Estate Planning Attorney Susan Smith You’ve probably seen it in the movies or read about it in the news. It’s a heart-wrenching scenario: a spouse or parent is in a coma. A decision must be made: keep your loved one on life support, or let nature take its course? Making medical choices in a time of emotional stress is heart-wrenching.

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  • What happens if someone dies without a will in Texas?

    So Your Relative Passed Without a Will? The Not-So-Simple Rules of “Intestate Succession” A properly executed will can save a lot of time, money, and grief for loved ones. But if a person passes away “intestate” (without a will), his property will be distributed to his heirs as specified by a set of complex default rules laid out in the Texas Estates Code.

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