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  • Facebook will let publishers show more ads in Instant Articles

    Facebook is an important platform for publishers to have their work seen and heard. But publishers also need to make money, especially when giving Facebook their content for the Instant Articles platform. It’s been an ongoing balancing act to get things right for both sides. A newly announced set of updates to Instant Articles give publishers a little more flexibility and co ...

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  • Survey: Snapchat is a fleeting hobby and ads don’t stick

    A recent survey released by Fluent, an people-based marketing platform, may show that Snapchat’s peak could be coming to an end. The survey consisted of 3,327 adults over the age of 18 in early February with interesting results. Of importance was the possible fleeting impact of Snapchat. Some key findings: Nearly half of the people answering the survey (who are not necessari ...

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  • Report: Facebook activity dwindles in 2016, influencer marketing is up

    Influencer marketing platform Mavrck has published a great deal of informative statistics for marketers who are using Facebook to speak to their audiences, particularly with how the algorithm has affected user engagement with branded content and general user posting behavior. Using Mavrk’s dataset, which culled data 25 million Facebook posts, they’ve been able to learn quite ...

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  • Twitter’s safety updates address user bans, abuse and safe search

    With Twitter’s rampant abuse problem, the company has been aggressively trying to find the right way to handle its crippling problem. An announcement today addresses Twitter’s overall improvements toward a safer, more pleasant tweeting experience, with the addition of three primary changes: abusive account creation prevention, safer search results and collapsing low-quality (or abusive) tweets.

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  • Report: Snapchat launches new Facebook-inspired ad technology platform

    Snapchat is launching a new Facebook-inspired ad platform, reports AdAge. While it has had an API since early 2016, today marks its opening of the platform with partnerships already in play to a wider user-base, including brands and agencies, allowing them to buy directly on the social network. Evidently, Snapchat is taking cues from Facebook.

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  • Twitter announces Explore, a discovery tool

    Move over, Facebook Trending. Twitter’s own style of trending stories has been announced today. Called Explore, the objective of this feature is to consolidate trending stories into one central location. The Explore tab which is coming soon will allow Twitter users to find trends, Moments, search and live video under ...

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  • 6 UX principles marketers can’t afford to overlook

    In the past, user experience and marketing have been two separate fields of study. User experience (UX) is rooted in often-unclear concepts of software design, whereas marketing has always been about hard data. Bad news for marketers: If you treat the user badly, you’re going to get punished. Our limited attention span and frustration with anything hard to use is reflected ...

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  • Pinterest now offers ad groups to paid campaigns

    Pinterest is building out a better advertising product. Recently announced, Pinterest is giving advertisers more control over their ad campaigns with ad groups. Before this roll-out, Pinterest’s ad campaigns only allows for a campaign and promoted pins. Ad groups introduce an element of structure, enabling advertisers and campaign managers to control individual groups for bud ...

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  • Twitter to shutter Dashboard, an app for businesses to manage accounts

    Call it a flop: almost six months since it was launched, Twitter is calling it quits on Dashboard, its all in one management suite for businesses. On February 3rd, the app will no longer function. Dashboard was announced last summer to low fanfare and seemed to have never taken off–perhaps becasue most brands were already actively using 3rd party products powered by its API to do their thing.

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  • How to get the most value from your marketing metrics

    To what extent does data actually drive your marketing decisions? The way I see it, you probably fall into one of the three following categories: Intuitive — Your marketing decisions aren’t data-based; intuition drives them. Inspired — You value data and consider it in some way, shape or form. Intelligent — Marketing data rules the decisions you make.

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  • NASA has created official accounts on Pinterest and Giphy and they’re pretty great

    NASA’s space channels on Pinterest and Giphy are out of this world. The government agency just announced that it has joined the image sharing social networks to display the best of what they do. Photos of planets, international space stations, galaxies, black holes, nebulae and so many more are featured on an extensive Pinterest board that has already gathered over 41,000 subscribers.

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