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  • Snapchat launches new features, including Paperclips for links within Snaps

    Snapchat is taking a step that Instagram simply hasn’t, with new features on both its iOS and Android app that include allowing marketers and any content creators to add links to their Snaps. The most notable announced feature is Paperclips, allowing users to attach websites to Snaps, simply by tapping the Paperclip button within the Vertical Toolkit and adding the URL.

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  • Twitter Lite launches to serve slow broadband networks and expensive data plans

    Twitter Lite, a new experience to address the needs of users who may have limited bandwidth and storage capacity, has launched. If you’re reading this article, chances are good that you have a strong and fast internet connection at work or home. But many internet users, particularly in countries such as Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, don’t have access to fast internet speeds.

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  • LinkedIn introduces lead gen ad offerings

    LinkedIn has just come out with a new product that it hopes will bring leads to advertisers. Called LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, the objective of the product is to give marketers the ability to collect quality leads across all devices, be it a mobile phone or a desktop. With these forms, LinkedIn promises “high-quality leads from your Sponsored Content campaigns by removing the m ...

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  • Reddit launches a new self-serve ad platform

    Reddit is upping its game in the advertising space, with an announcement that they have just launched a revamped self-serve platform for its advertisers. Here are the features: A redesigned interface that is user-friendly and “easier on the eyes.” Reddit now offers post-pay billing, which saves advertisers from having to top up their accounts or request refunds if the ad doe ...

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  • Facebook expands branded content program, will mark posts as ‘paid’

    For nearly a year, Facebook has been giving verified Facebook page owners — typically brands, publishers or influencers — the ability to run branded content, normally inclusive of text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links and Live videos that feature a brand, third-party product or sponsor in some capacity. Now Facebook is opening these endorsements to even more pages.

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention With Social Media

    Do you use social media to keep existing customers engaged with your business? Interested in effective ways to strengthen those relationships? Social media marketing can help deepen your connections with existing customers so they continue using your product or service. In this article, you’ll discover five ways to increase customer retention via social media.

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  • Periscope launches analytics dashboard & activity tab for video creators

    Periscope is launching three new features today, topped by the development of an Analytics Dashboard that will give video creators an in-depth look at how viewers are interacting with their videos. In addition to the additional analytics data, today’s launch includes a new Activity Tab and the news that Periscope videos can now be watched inside Twitter Moments.

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  • Twitter to bring pre-roll ads to Periscope videos

    Twitter is chasing the money, and Periscope is their next target. Per an announcement today, Twitter will soon allow publishers and creators to monetize their Periscope content with support of pre-roll ads within video. With pre-roll ads, viewers will receive the same user experience that is seen within Twitter videos, just now extended to Periscope.

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  • Facebook will let publishers show more ads in Instant Articles

    Facebook is an important platform for publishers to have their work seen and heard. But publishers also need to make money, especially when giving Facebook their content for the Instant Articles platform. It’s been an ongoing balancing act to get things right for both sides. A newly announced set of updates to Instant Articles give publishers a little more flexibility and co ...

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  • Survey: Snapchat is a fleeting hobby and ads don’t stick

    A recent survey released by Fluent, an people-based marketing platform, may show that Snapchat’s peak could be coming to an end. The survey consisted of 3,327 adults over the age of 18 in early February with interesting results. Of importance was the possible fleeting impact of Snapchat. Some key findings: Nearly half of the people answering the survey (who are not necessari ...

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  • Report: Facebook activity dwindles in 2016, influencer marketing is up

    Influencer marketing platform Mavrck has published a great deal of informative statistics for marketers who are using Facebook to speak to their audiences, particularly with how the algorithm has affected user engagement with branded content and general user posting behavior. Using Mavrk’s dataset, which culled data 25 million Facebook posts, they’ve been able to learn quite ...

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  • Twitter’s safety updates address user bans, abuse and safe search

    With Twitter’s rampant abuse problem, the company has been aggressively trying to find the right way to handle its crippling problem. An announcement today addresses Twitter’s overall improvements toward a safer, more pleasant tweeting experience, with the addition of three primary changes: abusive account creation prevention, safer search results and collapsing low-quality (or abusive) tweets.

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