Tamara Littleton

  • Six ways brands can relate to Generation Z

    Today’s teens live and breathe social media, they are constantly connected, use multiple devices and often create content as much as consume it. They also relate to social media, news and content differently to the more familiar Gen ...

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  • Four secrets of successful global social media brand campaigns

    Scaling a successful social media brand campaign to reach (and be relevant to) millions of people across the world is no mean feat. A truly international campaign will be relevant across different countries, cultures, languages and timezones. The campaign might have a great creative idea at its heart, but the structure, process, management and team behind the implementation ...

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  • How brands are using anonymous apps

    Anonymous apps are the latest craze. But what are they, and why are so many of them popping up? First, of course, nothing online is guaranteed to be truly anonymous. Clever audience tracking, or just knowing which friend of a friend has the job they’ve talked about hating, means you can often trace content back to the original creator.

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