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  • Ad Industry Leaders: Create Video For YouTube, Not TV

    More than a billion users watch YouTube each month, consuming over 6 billion hours of video. And yet, brands have largely failed to embrace YouTube as a unique innovation, instead insisting on treating the medium like TV, said industry leaders during the Advertising Week. “In a lot of respects, what’s happening in the industry is…‘I get it, it’s just television,’” said Bonin ...

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  • Why Google Getting Into Native Ads Is Great News for Content Marketers

    Native Advertising, Paid Media Rumor has it Google is preparing to take the native advertising plunge, which should have a big impact on the way you distribute your content. According to AdExchanger, insiders are reporting plans that include “ad-serving support for sponsored posts on premium publisher websites, and a content recommendation engine of the sort pioneered by Out ...

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  • What Do Tesla and Apple Have in Common? A Story

    The way Nicolas Roope sees it, a brand is only as strong as its story. Speaking at Percolate’s “Transition” conference, the founder and ECD of the London-based digital agency Poke explained that companies “without a grasp of their truth” are unsustainable in today’s world, where social and mobile are king. Take Tesla, for instance.

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