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  • Get down to business: Let’s FOCUS on your business!

    What do you mean? I am focused! It’s a new year and time to give your business renewed focus. You’ve set your business goals for 2016, so why not give your business a boost and really achieve them? To help you do that, I want to share with you one of my own best business tips: FOCUS. Yeah, yeah. You’re probably thinking that you are focused.

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  • 4 reasons your small business needs you to take a holiday

    When was the last time you felt hot sand on the soles of your feet? Or an alpine wind biting your cheeks? If you are a micro-business owner, chances are it was way too long ago. However, failure to take time out could be harming your health, your relationships and your business. It’s no secret that many of the UK’s small business owners are reluctant to take a summer holiday o ...

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  • Why digital agencies should remember testimonials and case studies

    Ever heard the one about the handyman whose own house is a DIY disaster? Many digital agencies are simply too busy working on their clients’ marketing to focus on their own. But what if there was a reliable shortcut to winning new clients? You work in a digital agency. Chances are you don’t spend nearly as much time on your own marketing as you do on that of your clients — es ...

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