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  • Reebok on connected fitness: ‘We are not a tech company’

    The race for digital fitness may be heating up, but don’t expect Reebok to reposition itself as a tech company in the mold of Nike or Under Armour anytime soon. “We don’t plan to become a tech company like some of our competitors,” said Emily Mullins, senior manager, global business development at Reebok. “We plan to become the best fitness apparel and footwear company.

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  • What does your agency Slack avatar say about you?

    Love it or hate it, Slack has become an intrinsic part of office life. Not all agencies may have embraced it, but the ones that have don’t hesitate to put their own spin on it. Whether you opt for the professional headshot or the too-cool-to-care default square, your Slack avatar says a lot about you and your personality.

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  • Third-party measurement comes to branded emojis and stickers

    With broken hearts and see-no-evil monkeys now accepted forms of communication, brands are serving up their own emoji keyboards and stickers at an accelerated rate. But whether those chicken-fries emojis actually drove more people to Burger King outlets has been anybody’s guess — until now. Visual mobile messaging startup Emogi is partnering with analytics company Moat to brin ...

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  • How four retailers hurt by tech are now embracing digital

    Over the past few years, retailers have faced their fair share of challenges. As more and more shoppers mine the web and their devices for deals instead of actual store fronts, longstanding brick-and-mortar brands have scrambled to keep up with the shift. “The fundamental challenge with retail is that it’s being disrupted by pure plays and Amazon and traditional retailers have ...

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  • The biggest brand fails of 2016

    Despite being more cautious this year, brands still ended up with plenty of egg on their faces. As 2016 winds down, we look back at some of the more cringe-worthy moments brought to us by brands that should have known better. Whether through a tone-deaf campaign or straight-out plagiarism, these marketers left us wondering what they were thinking.

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  • How to get big without sucking: Under Armour has grand ambitions

    On the banks of the Patapsco River, overlooking the Baltimore harbor, sits Under Armour’s sprawling headquarters. Inside its red-brick buildings — once Procter & Gamble factories — are offices, state-of-the-art testing labs, a mega gym and a cafeteria. The cafeteria, named The Humble & Hungry Cafe, is not only an allusion to one of founder and CEO Kevin Plank’s leader ...

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  • The best agency holiday cards of 2016

    Don’t let the impending holidays fool you; agencies are still out there grinding away, trying to outdo each other. Not in the boardroom, mind you, but with their personalized holiday cards. Like it or not, it’s agency holiday-card season again. Here’s a collection of some of the better ones making the rounds this year.

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  • Instagram’s new ‘Saved Posts’ feature has big implications for marketers

    Hours after Instagram unveiled a bookmark feature called “Saved Posts” on Wednesday, allowing users to save posts they’d like to revisit later, Audi became one of the first brands to offer up a fun hack. The auto brand posted nine different pieces of a single Audi R8 image in random order on its Instagram page, encouraging users to bookmark each piece in the correct order to solve the puzzle.

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  • A day in the life of a voice-experience designer

    The only living creature in Steven Hansen’s life that does not use the Amazon Echo is his dog. “I use it both at work and home. My wife listens to music on it, and my son asks Alexa for help on his math homework,” said the chief technology officer at Rain, who leads the agency’s 20-person voice-experience team from its Saratoga Springs, Utah, office.

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  • Brands aren’t giving up on Twitter just yet, but they are shifting their focus

    Twitter may be waning in popularity among some publishers, but marketers aren’t discounting the platform entirely, at least not yet. While the platform has become less compelling to brands from a marketing perspective, it remains a crucial arrow in their customer service quiver. Twitter continues to be a consideration in the content and social media strategies of brands interv ...

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  • The year in emojis, in 5 charts

    They’re all over our phone screens, messaging apps and social media. Ninety-two percent of the online population uses them. Brands have eagerly jumped on the bandwagon. And last year, the Oxford dictionary even chose one of them as the word of the year. We may have reached peak emoji — and even consumers may have started to get fatigued — but this graphical language is here to stay.

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