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  • ‘It’s on every media plan’: Media buyers hail Facebook’s dedicated video tab

    The dedicated video hub on Facebook. As Facebook tries to become more like TV, one particular feature is proving to be a huge hit among analysts and media buyers alike — before it is even rolled out en masse. The company has been testing out a dedicated video tab inside its mobile app among a small group of users over the past year, as it aims to make video a more integral part ...

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  • What 4 agencies are doing to crack ‘voice tech’ like Alexa, Siri

    In February, CP+B and Domino’s made ordering pizza even easier than placing an order online. It let users order a pie simply by asking for it, using the Amazon Echo. But that was just the beginning. Advances in voice-enabled technology are turning services like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Watson into viable advertising platforms.

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  • ‘You can’t half-ass anything’: Agency execs on what their first jobs taught them

    The path to the top often starts in humble toil. Former pizza makers and carpet cleaners, senior ad execs of today talk about their first jobs — and what they learned from the experience. Jon Haber, co-founder, Giant Spoon I was a dancing cellphone outside of an All State Cellular retail store as a 17-year-old in San Diego. I am not even sure how cell phones worked back then.

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  • From warehouse worker to ad chief: David&Goliath’s David Angelo’s guide to an ad career

    David Angelo started his career as a junior art director in 1989 at DDB New York, followed by stints at Chiat/Day and Cliff Freeman & Partners before starting his own shop, David&Goliath, in 1999. The 55-year-old got a late start in advertising but has worked on a range of clients in his nearly 30-year career, including Coca-Cola, Lexus, Michelin, Reebok and the New York State Lottery.

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  • Ad agencies’ new office hack: Sit wherever you want

    When Brian McPartland started interning at IPG Mediabrands’ mobile agency Ansible this summer, he wasn’t hidden away in some corner of the office with the rest of the interns. Instead, he sat in a different seat everyday and regularly rubbed shoulders with the agency’s managing director, Mark Power — ultimately landing a full-time gig.

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  • One agency is using an in-house robot to make remote workers feel more connected

    The newest resident employee at Red Interactive Agency isn’t an account executive or a creative director. It’s a walking-and-talking robot. The agency has introduced Double, a robot that helps its remote employees across the country communicate effectively with staffers at its Santa Monica digs. The bot is basically an iPad on a Segway, and combines the fun of a remote-contro ...

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  • Marketers like what they see in Snapchat Spectacles

    Snapchat’s Spectacles have been making the rounds. The company’s latest offering, which hit the streets just over a week ago, is a hit among marketers, with brands and agencies like Sour Patch Kids, Mountain Dew, VaynerMedia and Space150 already trying them out. The pair of sunglasses can take 10-second videos from the point of view of the wearer, which the wearer can then upload to Snapchat.

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  • ‘A petri dish of bullshit’: Confessions of ex-Facebook news curators

    Adam Schrader could have seen this coming. The 26-year-old former Facebook employee was anything but shocked when the social network entered meltdown mode over being infested with fake news during the presidential election. Schrader had been under the hood. A former member of its now-defunct trending-news team, he monitored a feed of stories gaining traction on Facebook, vette ...

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  • Millennials are wrinkling, and skincare brand Perricone is here to help

    After mainly relying on QVC marketing and a loyal (if older) customer base for almost two decades, Perricone MD is overhauling its marketing strategy to reach a younger audience that’s starting to worry about wrinkles. (Tl;dr everyone ages.) The skincare brand Perricone has turned its attention to creating new products for a young people worried they’re getting old.

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  • Slack-averse brands and agencies gravitate to Facebook, Microsoft alternatives

    Slack has never quite caught on at brands and agencies, but now Slack alternatives from Facebook and Microsoft are making in-roads among marketers. Facebook’s Workplace and Microsoft’s Teams are gaining adaption at marketers in ways Slack largely has not. This is owing to the fact that Slack, being a singular product, lacks the suite of enterprise tools that Microsoft and Face ...

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  • Ad agencies accept the #MannequinChallenge

    Move over, Ice Bucket Challenge. Step aside Harlem Shake. The internet has discovered the mannequin challenge. As its name suggests, the mannequin challenge entails standing very still. These are videos of groups of people frozen in place — like mannequins! — often in elaborate poses, as a camera wanders through the scene and zooms in on the details.

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  • Taco Bell CMO: ‘Innovation is a mindset and a culture’

    This is part of The Digiday List of Innovative CMOs series, featuring a handful of trail-blazing brand marketers who are ahead of the curve and driving the bottom line through digital innovation. Taco Bell has consistently been on the cutting edge of innovation, with a steady stream of both new products and marketing campaigns.

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