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  • InterContinental launches its own podcast series

    At the InterContinental New York Barclay, deep in the hotel lobby, is a secret door that opens up to an abandoned tunnel that leads directly to Grand Central Terminal. The passageway was once used often by guests in the 1920s and ‘30s, including notable guests like Ernest Hemingway, who was writing “For Whom the Bell Tolls.

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  • REI uses Facebook 360 video for multicultural campaign

    As part of its “Access Outdoors” campaign launched last month, outdoor gear retailer REI shot three two-minute long Facebook 360-degree videos to target urban, multicultural millennials in Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles. In the videos, REI documented eight artists working on installations in the three cities with the goal of making the outdoors more accessible to young urbanites.

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  • Starting Out: Goodby Silverstein’s Rich Silverstein on acting like a pitbull

    Rich Silverstein is an ad industry legend. But legends are made, not born. The co-creator of the “Got Milk?” campaign never intended to go into the agency world. Silverstein began his career in graphic design and ended up falling into advertising by chance. Here, the Goodby Silverstein & Partners co-chairman and creative director tells us in his own words how he got into t ...

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  • How Tito’s responds to ‘hundreds’ of social media mentions a day

    Tito’s Vodka not only lines the shelves of every hip bar, it’s also all over its fans’ social media feeds. While the brand dabbles in social marketing and branded content, the bulk of what it does on Twitter and Facebook is rooted in customer service and engagement — and has been from day one. “We’ve almost gone about it backwards,” said Nicole Portwood, vp of brand marketing at Tito’s Vodka.

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  • What marketers need to know about the FCC’s proposed new consumer privacy rules

    A new Federal Communications Commission privacy proposal up for a vote this month stands to fundamentally alter the way ads have been served to consumers through internet service providers like Verizon and Comcast. The new regulations, unveiled last week by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, would require these providers to obtain consumers’ consent before sharing and using their data ...

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  • Agencies are giving staffers off on Election Day

    Ad agencies are doing their bit to increase voter turnout this Election Day, coming up with various flexible working arrangements to encourage staffers to get out and vote. A variety of agencies, from Edelman and Day One to AKQA and Walter Isaacson, are doing everything from letting employees work remotely to delaying opening their offices until later in the day in a bid to en ...

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  • What Marriott learned from its faulty Facebook Messenger chatbot

    Marriott’s first foray into Facebook Messenger in March 2016 was a complete disaster. The bot immediately misfired, sliding into customers Facebook inboxes to make unsolicited suggestions. Customers who had recently browsed through rooms at Courtyard Marriott Chicago online, for example, were sent personal messages asking if they still wanted to book a room.

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  • That’s lit: The definitive Digiday guide to millennial terms

    Jargon is a virus that has infected the media and marketing industries. From the thicket of techno-babble that dominates ad tech to the marketing gobbledygook spread all over everything, nonsense words have crawled into every corner of our conversations. But all of that lingo seems downright transparent compared to some of ...

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  • The brand winners and losers of the first presidential debate

    The presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have been held on the Hofstra University Campus, but there was another battle raging between brands on social media. A polarizing political race may not be an ideal place for brands to be selling stuff. But many still couldn’t seem to resist getting in on the conversation, despite several executives within an ...

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  • How marketers should approach messaging apps

    With 257 billion text messages sent every day, messaging apps have surpassed social networks, both in terms of active users and number of sessions. But even while the space presents a huge opportunity for marketers to engage with their audiences, it isn’t without its challenges. Marketers from brands like Marriott, Coach and Cleveland Hustles, as well as technologists from Kik ...

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  • Yahoo’s data breach further dents its already flailing brand

    Yahoo’s massive data breach dealt yet another blow to the one-time internet star’s brand. Yahoo said Thursday that a recent investigation confirmed that personal details of at least 500 million users had been compromised in 2014. The hack by a “state-sponsored actor” may have included names, phone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and even security question and answer ...

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  • Casper’s new late-night low-tech chatbot entertains insomniacs

    Can’t fall asleep after binge watching Netflix late at night? Casper’s “insomniabot” will keep you company. The mattress company unveiled a chatty new bot on Wednesday to keep all the night owls and insomniacs of the world engaged. Just text the bot on 844-823-5621 between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., and you’ll get an automated but personalized text response instantly.

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  • Marriott looks for social buzz with upside-down hotel room

    Marriott is turning its hotel room upside down. This week in New York, the hotel chain unveiled the #MGravityRoom, an inverted room designed to showcase its modern new decor. The idea of the experiential marketing ploy is to highlight Marriott’s new room decor by turning one of its rooms upside down.

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