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  • More brands are testing Facebook’s pricey live video ads

    Brands are testing out promoted live videos on Facebook, targeting and alerting users to their live broadcasts as they’re happening. The sponsored videos appear in newsfeeds at the time they are being streamed live. Jose Cuervo ran a sponsored Facebook Live video for on National Margarita Day this Wednesday with its agency CP+B L.A.

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  • How San Francisco’s fire department uses Twitter

    Other brands measure the effectiveness of their customer service efforts through engagement, but the San Francisco Fire Department does so by how quickly it responds to disasters — literally. It uses Twitter to respond to active situations, make public service announcements and respond to incoming inquiries about both emergencies and potential hazards.

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  • ‘Brand crises on steroids’: Why Uber is the Trump of brands

    Once the poster child for the on-demand economy, Uber has steadily devolved into being the poster child for branding disasters. Less than a month after the ride-sharing company provoked massive outrage online after appearing to try to profit off a taxi strike, it has found itself in hot water once again after a blog post by a former female engineer at the company went viral over the weekend.

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  • How agencies and their staffers are resisting Trump with creativity

    In the current polarized political climate, big brands like Budweiser, Airbnb and Coca-Cola are not the only businesses making statements about togetherness, empowerment and inclusivity. Agencies and agency staffers are not shying away from taking a stand either, coming up with everything from political kits and grassroots-level campaigns to memes and card games as forms of resistance.

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  • How smart TV maker Vizio’s privacy settlement hurts programmatic TV advertisers

    In the race toward The Internet of Things, smart TV maker Vizio has hit a major speed bump. The brand will pay $2.2 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that it tracked and collected customers’ TV-viewing habits and then sold the data to third parties without their permission. But what appears to be primarily Vizio’s problem has considerable implications for the industry at la ...

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  • Under Armour is the latest brand facing backlash after CEO praises Trump

    Under Armour is the latest brand to have the internet up in arms, thanks to CEO Kevin Plank’s enthusiastic endorsement of President Donald Trump. Plank was all praise for Trump in an interview with CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report” on Tuesday, saying that his presidency was a “real asset” for Americans. “He wants to build things.

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  • The brand winners and losers of Super Bowl LI

    The Atlanta Falcons took an early lead on the field Sunday night. Off the field, however, was an entirely different smackdown. Advertisers shelled out as much as $5 million for 30 seconds of screentime time during this year’s big game, according to ad-tracker Kantar Media. But official sponsors weren’t alone in trying to nab some attention: Countless other brands also tried to ...

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  • Marketers express hope for a more pro-business FCC under Ajit Pai

    Marketers are welcoming the appointment of new Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai, who took over from Tom Wheeler last week. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) expressed hope that Pai will overturn many of the sweeping privacy rules that were enacted by the agency under his predecessor Tom W ...

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  • What brands can learn from the three-day #DeleteUber outrage cycle

    The outrage cycle, a perennial feature of social media, is picking up steam as brands are swept up in the swirl of societal discontent. Just ask Uber. Customer frustration with Uber peaked over the weekend after the ride-sharing company appeared to try to profit off a taxi strike. Following protests out all over the country regarding President Donald Trump’s immigration ban, t ...

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  • This aspiring copywriter made her own chatbot to land her dream agency job

    Chatbots are in at agencies, so this aspiring copywriter decided to create her own to help her land her dream job. Elizabeth Nieves, a 26-year-old former account executive and digital producer, recently moved to Chicago and wanted to switch over to copywriting. But launching a career as an ad creative can be hard, and repeating herself over and over again during calls was getting exhausting.

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  • The Trump bump: Twitter is getting a second look from brands

    Twitter’s woes are far from over, but President Donald Trump may have breathed new life into the flailing platform. Trump is a master the art of the headline-grabbing, logic-defying, truth-stretching tweet, an unprecedented feature of his successful campaign for president. In recent months, he has taken to Twitter to defend his business interests, mock his competitors and even ...

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  • Reebok on connected fitness: ‘We are not a tech company’

    The race for digital fitness may be heating up, but don’t expect Reebok to reposition itself as a tech company in the mold of Nike or Under Armour anytime soon. “We don’t plan to become a tech company like some of our competitors,” said Emily Mullins, senior manager, global business development at Reebok. “We plan to become the best fitness apparel and footwear company.

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