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  • Why Aren’t My AdWords Ads Running?

    If I had a £1 for every time I’d been asked this question I would be a millionaire! Or at least much closer to retiring. If you’ve ever done a search on Google using the keywords you’re bidding on, and not seen your ad, you are not alone. It’s completely normal to not see your ad every time you search, and there are a number of reasons this could be happening.

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  • Why does Facebook ads data not match Google Analytics data?

    Why does your Facebook advertising data not match up with your Google Analytics data? This is a question that pops up time-and-time again. Whether it is your conversion data, or click data, the discrepancies between Google Analytics and Facebook are usually very significant. Whether you’ve wondered the answer to this question yourself, or you need a detailed explanation to s ...

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  • How to get started with Programmatic advertising: A beginners guide

    You’ve probably heard of programmatic advertising. As with all new and fast-growing advertising technologies, there’s often confusion as to what exactly it involves. This is a beginner’s guide to programmatic ads, designed to give you all the basic knowledge you need to confidently talk programmatic and get started! In 2015, 55% of all US digital display ads were bought progra ...

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  • Should you advertise on Facebook’s Audience Network?

    This week, Facebook’s Audience Network made headlines again through Facebook using the network to deliver television advertising on selected connected networks. Although the roll-out of this (if it ever happens) is a long way away, it might have prompted you to ask whether you should be advertising via Facebook’s Audience Network.

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  • Guide on how to create a Snapchat Geofilter for your business

    7 September 2016 BY Tara West Now you have thought about how you’d like to use a Geofilter, the next step is to create one! Step 1: Designing a Snapchat Geofilter There are a number of options for actually designing the Geofilter: Manually design your own Geofilter You can create your Geofilter design manually in a design tool such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

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  • 6 AdWords PPC Hacks You Need To Know

    Almost everyone is doing AdWords, but not everyone is doing it well. With these hacks you’ll be able to take your campaigns to the next level: Save money and boost your Quality Score by blocking searchers who have already made an enquiry Comparison shopping is now an automatic consumer behaviour.

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  • Facebook and AdWords: Better Together

    20 April 2016 BY Tara West Estimated reading time: 17 minutes, 5 seconds Google’s astounding reach and Facebook’s unparalleled targeting opportunities are both forces to be reckoned with, and are most powerful when they are used together. A study from Kenshoo showed that paid search audience segments which were exposed to Facebook advertising generated 30% more Return on ...

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Canvas Ads

    16 March 2016 BY Tara West Estimated reading time: 9 minutes, 35 seconds Back in October 2015, Facebook announced it was testing a shiny new ad unit called Canvas ads. Those tests must have gone well, because Facebook Canvas ads are now being rolled out to the ad accounts of all of us mere mortals! In this post, I’ll share my tips for getting the best out of Canvas ads, a ...

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  • 12 Quick Ways to Improve your Facebook Ads Today

    6 January 2016 BY Tara West Estimated reading time: 7 minutes, 43 seconds Are you running Facebook ads and wondering how you can make them work even better? In this post I’ll give you twelve easy tactics to improve the performance of your Facebook ads. 1. Put mobile and desktop ads in separate ad sets It’s no secret that users behave differently on mobile and desktop, so ...

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  • What Are Remarketing Lists for Search Ads?

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hello. My name’s Tara, and today I’m going to be talking to you about remarketing lists for search ads. So, what are remarketing lists for search ads? Well, they’re a way of tailoring your bidding strategy and your search campaigns based on how a user has already interacted with your site.

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