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  • How Cloud Hosting Affects SEO

    When it comes to increasing your business’ visibility and attracting more customers, implementing search engine optimisation strategies for your business’ website is one of the best ways to do so. Asides SEO tools, another tech solution that is fast becoming popular for business is cloud hosting and more and more businesses are making the switch to it.

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  • You’re Doing it Wrong: A Social Media Primer

    You post a blog every now and then. Each post gets a comment, maybe two, from readers or customers. There are a few people following your company’s Facebook account, and a few more on Twitter, retweeting once in a blue moon. It’s barely enough to call it customer engagement. You know you are doing something wrong when it comes to drawing in customers via social media.

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  • How to Make More Money On Twitter?

    With 317 million active monthly users, Twitter provides a brilliant opportunity for individuals and businesses to monetize the platform. It may be an irony that this popular social media platform became profitable only in last financial year (FY 15-16) with a net income of $7million. However, many entrepreneurs have become millionaires by creating products around the social media platform.

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  • 7 Things to Consider for Efficient Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile has drawn a big transformation in the way businesses run today and promote themselves among their targeted customers. Mobile app marketing is also fueling at a large scale among diverse business models to take out the best for their business. The biggest advantage of carrying a mobile app is that it allows an easy reach to customers, better traffic and of course elevating sales.

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  • The Best B2b Content Marketing Tactics

    Who’d work in B2C? It’s noisy, full of competing companies that does nothing more than create a race to the bottom with super-low pricing and, perhaps worst of all; you have to deal with the general public. If you work in the B2B space, you’d be forgiven for taking a wry, sideways glance at the ensuing madness of the B2C world and thanking the heavens you don’t have to get involved.

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  • How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Checkout Process for More Conversions

    There’s hundreds of ways to get someone to leave your site or abandon your shopping cart. Find out different tricks and trips that can help your site convert at a higher percentage. Avoid Hidden Fees There’s nothing more irritating for a buyer than hidden fees. You’ve found the item you’ve wanted, found the right price and are ready to make the purchase.

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  • A Brief Guide on Ecommerce Marketing for Next Generation

    What is visible to customers, they will buy it! This is how shopping is done by the consumers. Today, many eCommerce stores are selling a whole range of products from home utility to clothing; everything is just available on a single page and can be bought in mere seconds. Ever thought how online business owners get clients from different parts of the world? We will tell you today in this post.

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  • Social Media: 10 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

    It’s only natural for entrepreneurs, either young or even experienced ones, to look for new ways to promote their businesses. Since there are free and paid ways to do that, the first category is a more preferred choice. In addition, paid does not always mean better. Luckily, social media marketing falls into the free group. But just like any marketing channel, it should be used right.

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  • How to Use Personalized Content to Increase Sales

    Personalized content is a highly effective way of increasing sales but sadly, this strategy is extremely underutilized by business owners. Most marketers still avoid providing relevant content to their audience despite of the amazing results they can achieve by doing so. MarketingProfs have actually researched that an average of 19% increase in sales is achieved by those that ...

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  • How to Connect Audience Insight to Your SEO Strategy

    It should be clear by now that a proper SEO strategy can help boost the effectiveness of any website. Being able to get more traffic to your website is always a good idea. But what then? How can you gain insight about why people are visiting your site, and what exactly they’re looking for? When you learn a bit more about the people who visit your website, you can get the add ...

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  • 10 Main Reasons Images Are Extremely Important for Blog

    We are daily bombarded with tons of new content that it takes significant efforts from bloggers to drive necessary attention to their posts. That’s why images are as important as never before. In addition to catchy headlines, images work like a lure for readers. When you are involved in blogging, the use of images is crucial.

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  • 10 Surprising Facts About Content Marketing

    They say content is the king of today’s marketing, and it’s hard to disagree. People use social media every day, skimming through a number of articles and other types of content, and sharing them with their friends. Very quickly content has moved from being just a new marketing tool to a golden standard, but it’s not the only surprising thing about it.

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  • Facebook Marketing Revamped, Now Sell Through FB Messenger

    With a knack for innovating things, the leading social media network, Facebook has transformed the way brands used the power of social media. Earlier used for better customer support and improved user interaction, the new messenger platform has brought a new version and trusts me it’s a boon for the brands.

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  • How to Transition From Blogger to Ecommerce Entrepreneur

    Leaving the blogging badge behind and taking on a new mantle of ecommerce merchant is a big step. You will need to consider how it will affect your current branding and readership, as well as flesh out a structured promotional plan and content strategy for your new online store. Here are the mains considerations for any blogger wishing to become an ecommerce entrepreneur.

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  • The 3 Local SEO Strategies Your Small Business Needs

    Working with a limited budget can be one of the most frustrating aspects of marketing and SEO, but limited resources shouldn’t curtail you. Local SEO relies on customer engagement and strategic planning from the business owner. However, once you get the ball rolling, the traffic and customers should start flowing.

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  • Content Marketing: Bane or Boon for Business

    Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a technique that pertains to the creation and distribution of content for the purpose of attracting and acquiring a target audience. Content created and distributed must be valuable, relevant and consistent enough to attract the right audience.

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  • 5 Step Guide for Creating Viral Content

    “Viral” is one of the most sought after statuses in the marketing and advertising world because aside from total awesome-ness. It means loads of other people are sharing content for you… and who wouldn’t want that? When we put a lot of effort into our work, we want people to appreciate! However, maximizing your channels to reach your target audience and beyond requires, you ...

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  • What Is AMP And What Does It Mean For My Business?

    Google is currently working on implementing a new standard for mobile websites, called Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMP. This is an initiative taken by Google in cooperation with Twitter, and are meant as their version of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News. Because websites using AMP markup on their pages now has the chance to be promoted in the top of t ...

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  • What Makes Social Media Indispensable for Today’s Business?

    The digital age we live in today has unleashed a plethora of opportunities for businesses to market their products and services in a quick and cost-efficient manner. Social Media is one such quintessential tool, which can help you reach and connect with millions of potential customers, effortlessly.

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