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  • Adding Customer Reviews Will Make You Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue

    Consumers nowadays rely on searching for a particular product by shopping online. That’s why online reviews are also essential because they help customers decide which products to purchase. 71% of e-shoppers mostly read the product reviews before making a decision to buy anything. Consumer reviews are something that most customers want to see before deciding on anything.

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  • 5 Best Photoshop Tools For Web Designers

    Adobe Photoshop is extensively used by web designers to display their creativity while designing websites. Sometimes, using this software can be quite difficult, complicated and time-consuming when you have several web projects pending. Therefore, sooner or later, every web designer requires some Photoshop resources or tools to save the precious time, speed up the routine wo ...

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  • 20 Skills You Need To Become A Successful Content Writer!

    What will be a life without content? Just imagine… If there was no content, what will happen to all the websites around the web? What if the marketing campaigns were running without content? What if the newspapers starts coming out with only visual news? And, the most important part on what basis Google will assess the legitimacies of the websites.I know it is really hard to digest… Yes it is.

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  • 5 E-Commerce Blogging Tips Your Online Business Can’t Live Without

    Setting up an e-commerce business is relatively easy and less expensive. However, with approximately 80 percent failure rate, running a successful online store is easier said than done. The lack of relevant traffic is one of the key reasons why most e-commerce companies fail to take off. Thankfully, blogging can help you generate tons of traffic in relatively less time, if done right.

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  • Top 10 Crucial Mistakes When Creating a Logo

    Everybody can make mistakes and learn from them but when it comes to creation of your own logo, mistakes are probably the first thing you want to avoid. Sometimes these mistakes can be fatal and cause more damage to your business than a bad management or wrong business decisions. We offer you a list of Top 10 Crucial Mistakes When Creating a Logo.

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  • Best Strategies for a Good Link Building and Progressing Your SEO

    You have an excellent content on your site, significant traffic coming from social networks, referrals, getting sales conversion but if your site is not listed in the top searches of the search engines, then it is the time to think and work on optimizing your site for search engines. According to the Google search statistics, Google’s share of mobile organic search is 89% wh ...

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  • How To Turn Your Love For Writing into a Profession

    When you have a passion for writing then there is nothing that should stop you from doing it all the time. But I’m sure some of you are thinking that you don’t have time or it’s not worth your time if it doesn’t pay and you could be earning instead. Well you can make money from writing and if you do it really well and you know your stuff or know how to research then there i ...

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  • Use CPM, CPC, and CPA to convert customers

    CPM, CPC, CPA…on and on, and so on. If ad tech is anything, it is an alphabet soup of epic proportions. The concepts behind the campaign acronyms are simple, but integrating them into your ad strategy isn’t. However, to succeed in maximizing the return on investment of your ad spend, you must know how to use these campaign options in an integrated fashion.

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  • The Best 15 Material Design Framework to Facilitate Web Developers

    “What about the concept if we combine the principles of exquisite design with the advanced innovations of technology? That’s what Google did by developing and introducing the concept of Material Design Framework.” Google’s Material Design practice has leads the user interface world by storm. Since its arrival, it has been increasing progressively across all the Google’s net ...

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  • How Data Boosts Your Marketing’s Effectiveness

    Data is everywhere in today’s online world. As marketers, we have countless tools and methods of gathering information on just about any aspect of our business. The problem is not a lack of information, but rather an overload of it. Properly leveraging this data is keys to giving your marketing that recipe for success.

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  • E-Commerce is Growing at an Unprecedented Rate All over the Globe

    Why people are going crazy towards mobile usage? Have you ever thought what the actual case is? Actually, it’s all about the ease and comfort that people are facing by using mobile devices. The trend of SmartPhones increased since it gets mobile apps to run faster and smoother than desktop or laptops. We all are aware of the fact that how badly people are addicted to shopping.

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  • 7 Things Businesses Should Not Be Posting on Social Media

    More and more businesses are establishing their online presence on multiple social media platforms. It has actually become the norm for businesses. However, it’s not enough to just set up a business page on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With social media comes great responsibility and hard work.

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  • Within Boundaries The Changing Impact of Inbound Marketing

    The Conversion Chase Would you rather spend your time chasing after that special someone or have them chasing after you? Some love the chase but at the same time it is more flattering It seems like to have others pursue you. On some fronts, them finding you would Certainly be less exhausting That in many ways are the same philosophy when it comes to inbound marketing.

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  • Why Company Logos Suck and How to Fix Them

    Think of the golden arches from McDonald’s or the swoosh from Nike. When people see these famous logos, most are able to instantly form associations with the brand. The first with fast food and the second with athletic wear. If you were driving down the highway and saw the golden arches, you might pull over for a quick bite to eat.

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  • How to Craft a Successful Hotel Email Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

    Email marketing is keeping you simple touch with your customers informed later. In this process, you can learn more about the options, your issues, or problems in building strong relationships. The beauty of email marketing is its accuracy. Unlike social media where messages are prone to get lost in the endless stream of updates, email marketing, you can set the best place to ...

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  • How To Easily Analyse Multiple Competitors In SEMrush

    To be successful at digital marketing for any kind of website, detailed competitor analysis is essential. For this SEMrush is an ideal way to gain detailed information on many aspects of how a competitor’s website is performing in the search results, telling us how much traffic they receive from organic search, what keywords they rank for along with search volumes and positio ...

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  • 11 Convincing Factors That Urge You to Opt SEO

    In recent times, each business owner knows that carrying a website is the initial step towards success. But, only a few of them know about the SEO tactics and logic behind adopting these strategies with their website. Precisely, they know that having a website will benefit them, but “how”; it is a tough question to answer.

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  • Four Things I Learned in Four Years of Blogging

    A lot of things happen in four years. Some person goes from a regular Joe Average, to an Olympic champion. Hundreds of soccer players work thousands of hours in order to prepare for a new World Cup. And if my math is right, Bill Gates earns approximately $10,091,520,000, after all, he makes around $80 every single second of the day.

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  • Hacks for Crafting Your First E-Commerce Website

    Each day a customer reveals in with online industry turns into more mobile, social and visible, which enables to enhance the method for clients and complicate the process of enterprise owners seeking to keep up with modern trends in e-commerce as they develop their commercial websites. Numerous functions should be included in your e-commerce website, but its essential to con ...

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  • 9 Business Intelligence Tools for Digital Marketers

    There’s no doubt that business intelligence tools benefit digital marketers. They are packed with features and functions that make digital marketing significantly easier. They bring about efficiency by automating repetitive processes and compiling information that would have taken a long time to gather manually.

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