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  • Within Boundaries The Changing Impact of Inbound Marketing

    The Conversion Chase Would you rather spend your time chasing after that special someone or have them chasing after you? Some love the chase but at the same time it is more flattering It seems like to have others pursue you. On some fronts, them finding you would Certainly be less exhausting That in many ways are the same philosophy when it comes to inbound marketing.

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  • Why Company Logos Suck and How to Fix Them

    Think of the golden arches from McDonald’s or the swoosh from Nike. When people see these famous logos, most are able to instantly form associations with the brand. The first with fast food and the second with athletic wear. If you were driving down the highway and saw the golden arches, you might pull over for a quick bite to eat.

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  • How to Craft a Successful Hotel Email Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

    Email marketing is keeping you simple touch with your customers informed later. In this process, you can learn more about the options, your issues, or problems in building strong relationships. The beauty of email marketing is its accuracy. Unlike social media where messages are prone to get lost in the endless stream of updates, email marketing, you can set the best place to ...

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  • How To Easily Analyse Multiple Competitors In SEMrush

    To be successful at digital marketing for any kind of website, detailed competitor analysis is essential. For this SEMrush is an ideal way to gain detailed information on many aspects of how a competitor’s website is performing in the search results, telling us how much traffic they receive from organic search, what keywords they rank for along with search volumes and positio ...

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  • 11 Convincing Factors That Urge You to Opt SEO

    In recent times, each business owner knows that carrying a website is the initial step towards success. But, only a few of them know about the SEO tactics and logic behind adopting these strategies with their website. Precisely, they know that having a website will benefit them, but “how”; it is a tough question to answer.

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  • Four Things I Learned in Four Years of Blogging

    A lot of things happen in four years. Some person goes from a regular Joe Average, to an Olympic champion. Hundreds of soccer players work thousands of hours in order to prepare for a new World Cup. And if my math is right, Bill Gates earns approximately $10,091,520,000, after all, he makes around $80 every single second of the day.

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  • Hacks for Crafting Your First E-Commerce Website

    Each day a customer reveals in with online industry turns into more mobile, social and visible, which enables to enhance the method for clients and complicate the process of enterprise owners seeking to keep up with modern trends in e-commerce as they develop their commercial websites. Numerous functions should be included in your e-commerce website, but its essential to con ...

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  • 9 Business Intelligence Tools for Digital Marketers

    There’s no doubt that business intelligence tools benefit digital marketers. They are packed with features and functions that make digital marketing significantly easier. They bring about efficiency by automating repetitive processes and compiling information that would have taken a long time to gather manually.

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  • 7 Killer Content Marketing Strategies That Pay Off

    Every business carries out marketing strategies to increase the sale of the products. Online businesses make use of content marketing techniques so as to make sure that their content reaches the maximum number of users at any point of time. Apart from the marketing angle, content is considered to be the best way to deliver the right information to the targeted audience.

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  • How Content Marketing Can Make Any Startup Profitable

    Are you tired of the odd television and radio commercials that did not work for an ideal startup of your business? Are you looking for the more interactive ways to engage the maximum number of targeted customers? If you have done with these expensive ways of marketing, here we have a way more efficient and effective solution for you. It’s known as “The Content Marketing”.

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  • How to Maximize Facebook Ad Productivity through Great Headlines

    Facebook is the most popular site on the Internet and sees the traffic of more than 1.13 billion users each day. With this incredible amount of traffic, it becomes hard for marketers to ignore Facebook’s importance as a targeted marketing platform. There is a number of targeting options, but all the work beyond that has to be put in by you to make your campaign successful.

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  • Social Media Scam: 5 Ways to Have Some Fun

    Human beings are made to be social beings, with this in mind, popular social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook have taken advantage of this great success stories. According to reports by the chief organizing officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, the sites attract over one hundred and seventy-five million logins per day.

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  • 15 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Facebook Marketing

    It’s so many things to so many people. To the Online Marketer, it is the place to be in order to build your audience. However, there are certain things you don’t want to hear about your Facebook Marketing strategy. The following is a light-hearted look at what you don’t want to hear and recommended ways of making sure that you don’t 5 Unwelcomed Activities: In this section, ...

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  • A Guide to Improve SEO of Magento E-Commerce Store

    Magento has evolved as one of the best content management platforms for the eCommerce solution. The features, functions, templates, and extensions make this platform an ideal choice for online retailers/merchants and business owners who wish to set up a professional-looking online store from scratch.

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  • The Latest Trend in SEO to Increase Your Sales

    Many have argued at the start of 2016 that SEO (search engine optimization) is no longer as effective as how it had been years back. In fact, some went as far as to speculate that it’s already dying. Search engines say otherwise. While SEO has been bombarded with lots of issues in the past, primarily because of unethical practice, it managed to survive.

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  • 5 Things to Be Careful Of When Remarketing On Facebook

    According to statistics, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Usually, people don’t miss checking out what is happening in the virtual world called Facebook. In India, we have 300 million internet users out of which 40% uses Facebook. From those Indian Facebook users, 76% are male and 24% are female users.

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  • Business Generation on Twitter via Psychological Persuasion

    Twitter is one of the largest Social Media Platforms in the world with almost 3.10 million monthly active users. This unique Social Media Platform offers a lot to the businesses for marketing purpose. It is a kind of Social Business Platform for businesses to present their brand/products/services and drive enough targeted traffic to their blog or website for building a strong ...

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  • 8 steps to create Facebook advertising that’ll helpful to your business

    Facebook is an enormous resource for marketers who want to increase exposure, cultivate a loyal following, and generate leads or make sales. If you’re just getting your feet wet as a marketer, or if you’re slightly intimidated by Facebook’s huge wealth of data and the complex set of parameters you have to handle when creating ads, don’t worry. You’re in the right place.

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  • 4 Ways Mobile Customer Support Boosts Marketing Through Better Customer Insights

    The consumer journey, or the path a customer takes from their first ever touch point with your brand, all the way to purchase, is key in the relationship building process. Mapping every customer interaction, as they move from touch points on mobile, tablet and desktop travelling through an increasingly delinear sales funnel, is a valuable way to view how a customer experiences your brand.

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  • 9 Best Analytics Apps to Improve your Marketing Campaigns

    Analytics platforms are software solutions that allow marketers to analyze user demand on aspects like app usage, social media activity, and other factors. These tools make it easy for marketers to track the popularity of their content and gain insights about it in real time. And their app versions enable them to do all of this on the go.

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