• Understanding Google’s Decision to Remove Authorship Photos

    Google has decided to fully remove the alluring authorship photos that you would have seen within the search results. In announcing this change, Google’s John Mueller stated that this measure from Google is a part of its mission to clean up the visual design of the company’s search results. The company is now bent upon bringing about an enhanced mobile experience and a design t ...

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  • Google’s Initiatives on Reconsideration Request Reject Notices

    Google’s Matt Cutts has stated that the company’s spam team has been actively engaged in enhancing communications with the site owners who have faced reconsideration request rejections. The notices issued to them seem to have been given a sort of personal touch in a way clearly stating the reasons why the reconsideration request was rejected.

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  • Revamp Your Site to Comply with Google’s Paradigms

    Sites engaged in redirecting the mobile URLs to their homepage will need to rethink revising their strategies since Google has taken a tough stand to penalize those found doing so. Google’s stand in this regard has been clearly explained by the company’s penalty expert Casey Markee. He has indicated that if the sites are depending on mobile-only redirects that guide an original ...

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  • About Google’s Advice on Site Moves

    In a recent move, Google has released some useful guidelines to make site moves much easier for webmasters. Google’s highly descriptive advice comes to the aid of site administrators by giving a comprehensive coverage on the fundamentals of moving a site. In addition, the search engine giant has also spoken about addressing the mobile devices’ needs and also regarding responsive design.

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  • Important things and FAQs About SEO

    What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engines made their way into the internet technology in the middle of 1990s. Once a search query is typed in the search box of the browser, search engines swiftly crawl through the websites in their database and index them instantly based on the keywords in their content to be displayed in the search results.

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  • Facebook’s Open Graph Apps Advantages for Marketers

    The first batch of Facebook’s open graph apps feature about 60 apps offered by vendors including Pinterest, LivingSocial, UrbanSpoon, TripAdvisor, and Runkeeper. These are invaluable tools for developers to evolve highly innovative apps to enable people add up anything they like to their timelines. Application stories will be displayed in three places in the users’ Timeline.

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  • How to Identify Splog Blog Links While Pruning

    Increasing numbers of sites are affected by Penguin or Google Link penalties. Such sites require pruning of links that belong to Spam blog or “splog” type. Some of these splog blogs might apparently look alright during the first sight. However, you need to beware them. There are some easy ways to identify splog blogs. The first thing you need to notice in approaching splog blogs is this.

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  • Google+ Advantages for Marketers

    Since its much fancied launch, Google+ has pulled in about 540 million active users per month and has now been ranked the second highest popular social media network on the internet. There is a sure advantage of making this platform a part of marketing strategy since this can significantly impact on search and the range of other Google products.

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  • What to do with your Backlinks?

    If you have observed SEO industry closely for the past 10 years, there have been numerous changes that have kept the webmasters on their toes so as to keep abreast with the changes that Google incorporate in its algorithm. However, nothing has worried these site owners more than the updates that were made in the past 2-3 years. With these updates, the SEO industry has turned upside down.

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  • How to stop Google from rewriting your Title Tags

    A lot of website owners face this problem where they come to notice that the title tags are being rewritten or modified by Google itself. Sometimes, Google tends to ignore the title tags given by the webmaster altogether and picks some random text from the pages. This usually happens when Google thinks that the title tags are too short or are not related to the content of the ...

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  • Is Hummingbird the future of search and Internet?

    In a recent keynote address delivered at the SMX West Q&A session held at San Jose between March 11 – 13, 2014, Amit Singhal, Senior VP and Software Engineer at Google talked about predictive technology used in Google Now and how it would impact the future of search and internet.

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