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  • 7 New Content Strategy Guides for the Enterprise Marketer

    Since the start of 2015, the Content Standard has published more than 545 original stories. These articles cover a number of topics, from technology innovation and content marketing strategy advice to creativity hacks and discoveries in neuroscience. As the managing editor of the Content Standard, my primary job is to ensure that every article we publish solves a problem our audience is facing.

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  • Newsletters: Sometimes the Best Marketing Tools Aren’t New

    In content marketing, we’re so focused on mastering the next big channel or tactic that we sometimes forget about marketing tools that have worked well in the past. For a time at the Content Standard, we spent the majority of our days telling original stories to our readers and making those stories available for all inbound readers.

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  • Amplification Strategy Makes B2B Content Sexy

    The world is tough for the B2B content marketer. While his B2C marketing friend down the hallway is able to use Instagram and Vine to promote a consumer package good (CPG) or fashion product, the B2B is left with finding ways to establish relationships with customers around technology – or worse, a service.

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  • Influencer Marketing Yearns For A Human Connection

    Finding the right story to tell is only the first challenge you’ll run into when developing or rethinking your content strategy. Eventually you’ll try to wrap your head around who should be telling these stories. And while it’s natural to think that you or your in-house team would be best suited to write content for your websites, that’s not the case in every instance.

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  • The Rise of Influencer Marketing: Defining Goals and Vision

    The increased presence of social media on the Web has given consumers more power. They now have a wealth of information at their fingertips that helps them decide what they should believe in and what brands they should align with. With this power comes new marketing direction—a need to build an influencer marketing strategy and allow that influence to speak on behalf of the brand.

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  • How to Create a Media Kit for Content Amplification

    With each new year comes a new buzzword, and in 2014, the powers that be have dubbed “content shock” the term of the next 12 months. Whether you believe in content shock or not isn’t really the question, because no matter the frequency at which you create, you must always optimize and structure each asset for easy content amplification in order to reach your desired audience.

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