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  • Top B2B content marketing metrics for 2017

    A new year brings new metrics. Or maybe it’s just a good reminder that you need to evaluate your existing KPIs. Which B2B content marketing metrics should you add in 2017? It’s the perfect time of the year to evaluate your content marketing strategy and focus on the latest trends that will take your B2B marketing plan to the next level.

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  • Five quick tips to boost your SEO in 2017

    It’s the right time of the year to evaluate your SEO strategy and examine the best ways to improve it during 2017. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, though. New year’s resolutions are not just about our personal goals, so it may be the ideal moment to focus on your business goals and seek for the best ways to boost your SEO presence to improve authority, value and ranking.

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  • Google tests its own user ratings for movies

    Google has decided to experiment with user ratings for movies and TV shows. Is this a new permanent feature? There seems to be an initial attempt from Google to introduce user ratings in its search results for movies and TV shows. A selected sample of testers noticed a thumbs up and thumbs down sign on the special box that offers more details about a movie.

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  • The problem with Facebook’s miscalculated metrics

    Facebook announced another glitch with its metrics and marketers start wondering whether they can really trust the social network’s measuring methods. It’s the third time in the last three months that Facebook reports a problem with its metrics and this has affected its credibility among marketers and publishers.

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  • How neuroscience can help increase engagement with mobile users

    Emotion can be very powerful when trying to reach an audience, and it can be boosted by linking it with the way memory affects the human behaviour. How can all these apply to the demanding mobile audience? It’s not easy to be effective with the ever-increasing mobile audience, but emotion along with memory can contribute to a more meaningful relationship between a brand and a target user.

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  • How speed affects your site’s performance [infographic]

    Site speed is an important factor for SEO and conversion, but do we really understand its impact? There is increased online competition and a decreased attention span that makes it hard for a site to convert visits into sales, or even to increase traffic. Site speed can significantly affect a user’s decision on whether a visit to a page should be prolonged (or repeated) and t ...

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  • How Black Friday can lead to valuable organic search opportunities

    Black Friday can be a great commercial opportunity for brands, but how can you create a successful strategy for the big day? Black Friday is a perfect retail opportunity, but it still requires the proper analysis of data to create a strategy that will lead to desired results. According to Adobe Digital Index, US online sales on Black Friday increased by 14.

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  • Eight content marketing trends to think about in 2017

    It’s time to plan the year ahead, so how about starting with a look at the content marketing trends that will make 2017 easier and more effective? Content marketing is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy, and as it grows even more popular in 2016, it’s time to maximise its effectiveness in 2017 and examine all the new possibilities that may be useful for your brand.

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  • How to create an effective digital marketing strategy

    A digital marketing strategy is important for every business seeking further growth, but how can you create an effective one? More and more businesses jump onto the digital marketing bandwagon, hoping to achieve bigger goals, but even in 2016, not all of them start by creating a digital marketing strategy.

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  • Instagram interaction rate has decreased by 33% since 2015

    Instagram may be among the most popular social platforms, but this doesn’t mean that the interaction rate cannot be affected by the increasing number of brands joining it. How can you maintain your own interaction rate? Instagram has seen an impressive growth in the past years and its recent addition of live stories provided more reasons for a user (and a brand) to try it out.

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  • How to get started with online reputation management

    Online reputation is important for every business and social media has only escalated the need. But how can you filter the noise to maintain a positive reputation? As social media usage increases and people feel more comfortable expressing their opinions through all the platforms, online reputation management becomes even more crucial for every business trying to promote its services.

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  • Bing Ads reveal the most searched Halloween costumes

    Halloween in the digital age involves a significant amount of searching until the right costume is picked. So what can we learn from this year’s searches? Online search is the most popular way to discover a Halloween costume nowadays, as according to National Retail Federation, 35% of adults rely on searching to find their costumes.

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  • What makes social videos so effective?

    As video content in social media increases, how can brands use it more effectively? Video consumption is on the rise and while users enjoy it, brands face the challenge of creating more effective video ads to stand out in the overcrowded social feeds. How do you measure the effectiveness of a video in social media and what makes it appealing in just a few seconds? IPG Media ...

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  • How the rise of user-generated content is changing marketing

    User-generated content is becoming an important part of content marketing, with consumers forming a part of a brand’s strategy. But how does this affect branded content? I recently talked to Rachel Meranus, Chief Marketing Officer at Olapic about the popularity of user-generated content and the recent trends marketers need to know.

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  • Seven ways marketers can use Twitter Moments

    Twitter has opened Moments to all users and is therefore taking curation to the next level. What does this mean for brands? Twitter Moments used to be a curation of the best tweets of the day; an overview of the news and the important tweets you need to check out. It may not have reached the level of adoption Twitter was hoping for, but it was still an interesting perspective ...

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  • What makes people follow or unfollow a brand?

    Social media may be a possible starting point to the sales funnel, but how do brands manage their social presence to appeal to their audience? A successful social presence for a brand should start with an understanding of its audience, as this will offer the insights on what content to create. This can affects its online reputation, its authority, its marketing efforts, and even its sales.

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  • Top trends marketers need to know for the holiday season

    The holiday shopping season is approaching and the marketers have to target consumers in the most relevant way. Which marketing and ecommerce trends should they look out for? There’s a big marketing opportunity during the holiday shopping season, but there’s also a challenge of listening to consumers’ demands and delivering the right message to them.

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