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  • The Truth on How to Get A Homeschool Diploma

    Interested in getting your high school diploma from home? Read on as I will guide you through the requirements and much more. For homeschool high school students, earning a diploma is an important step for those looking to pursue higher education or future employment. Whether your child completed his or her high school education at home or in tandem with an accredited inst ...

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  • The Ugly Truth About Home School Associations

    Unless you are a parent who is home schooling your child or children you probably have never heard of a home school association let alone have an understanding of what ones all about. I am going to share with you some inside information about some topics that will be of interest to you if you are considering home schooling your children.

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  • Your Secret Source For Homeschooling Information

    A few years ago, I made the big decision to homeschool my kids. It was a huge thing; I had to think of everything, and trust me, making a workable schedule for a whirlwind of a six year old, five year old and a three year old was not easy. I had to think of the pros and the cons, and is this really a great idea? So, after dealing with all that, I’m going to share with you my ...

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  • Get The Scoop on The 5 best Christian homeschool curriculum reviews

    As a Christian parent, I want nothing more but an integration of Christian core values and knowledge on my three kids. These values are not just learned inside the premises of the church through the Sunday School. They are also imparted in schools whether in traditional and standard schools, or in home schools.

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  • The Insider Secrets on How To Home School Your Child

    I am here to share my insider secrets with you on how to homeschool your child or children. I am a busy mom of three and wanted a better life for myself and my family, so I too once asked the question of how to start homeschooling. I did it and so can you! This article will cover the basics of how to start homeschooling, how to home school your children and even a few tips fo ...

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  • Revealed, The 5 Best Online Homeschool Reviews

    With the ever changing advancements in technology and the online applications the landscape for teaching your children from home has been drastically changed in the last decade. The days of home schooling being strictly taught from text books, and paper based curriculum are far behind us now. Now more than ever there are a wide variety of choices for your child to learn from home.

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  • 5 Great Free Homeschool Tips

    The idea of educating your children at home is wonderful but without the right practical support it can easily turn into a disaster. Therefore, many busy parents are left wondering how to find the no cost homeschool resources and help that they need in order to give their kids the useful education that they need.

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