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  • GetResponse Vs Infusionsoft

    Email marketing is booming. Most smart online marketers are using it, and projections show that it will continue growing. It is insanely profitable, with a 3800% average ROI. For you to make the most of it, you need to use the right tools. Some of the most popular email marketing services include GetResponse and Infusionsoft. They both get the job done and can be greatly automated.

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  • 7 Things You Must Do After Installing Your WordPress Site

    The internet is incredibly vast, but did you know that WordPress powers about 26% of all websites? Due to its scalability, flexibility, and smooth learning curve, WordPress is the preferred CMS (Content Management System) of site owners. It also features a well-organized, visual dashboard so you can manage every aspect of your site without having to deal with code.

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  • 5 Instagram Tools to Help You Get More Blog Visitors

    With over 500 million monthly active users, bloggers and marketers continue to increase their adoption of Instagram in their promotion strategies. According to statistics, about 48.5% of businesses use Instagram for marketing, and this number is expected to increase to 70.7% by the year 2017. Moreover, 75% of users interact with brands and visit their websites – making Instagr ...

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  • Top Tools to Create and Sell Content

    Are you looking for ways to make the process of creating and selling your content a lot less overwhelming? I don’t blame you. I mean, when you think about the many phases that you need to go through to develop and sell your content, it makes even the best of us cringe due to how massive the scope of the project is.

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  • Automating WordPress Website Marketing With GetResponse

    Online marketing can become so complex, that it’s easy to find yourself sitting on your laurels, head in hands, thinking, “where am I going to find the time and expertise to grow my WordPress website business?” Enter marketing automation. More to the point, the GetResponse marketing automation system, because it’s affordable for startups and entrepreneurs.

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  • What to Look For When Choosing a Web Host for Your Blog

    The quality of web hosting is one of the most overlooked factors that can determine a blog’s success. Fair enough, all web hosting services are capable of making a site online and accessible to the intended users. However, when it comes to uptime, speed, and security, subpar hosting will get you nowhere. That said, you need to look beyond the price tag when choosing a web host for your blog.

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  • 5 Ways to Develop a Better Email List

    You know you need an email list, but nobody signs up. You change things around, but the problem persists. How can you get email subscribers? You could help your customers with their bleeding neck problems if only they would sign up. If you are struggling to grow a responsive email list, here are five strategies that you may not have used.

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  • 10 Great Blogging Platforms Not Named WordPress

    Trying to build your website? Then you’ve probably already heard of WordPress. As the most popular content management system to date, WordPress powers over 76.5 million websites, be it personal blogs, industry news portals, online stores, or business websites. With its smooth learning curve and versatility, even beginners can get a fully-functional site up and run within minutes.

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  • The Fear of Blogging is Real – Here’s How to Overcome It

    For many entrepreneurs and business owners, there’s a very real fear associated with blogging. This fear is often rooted in the permanency of words on the internet and the feeling that others will pick apart your work. The good news is that there are ways to overcome your fear of blogging and become a more confident writer.

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  • Building Relationships with Your Influencers

    Building relationships is a huge part of business especially when it comes to the marketing sector. A great relationship with a publisher or writer can be profitable for both sides. Influencer marketing is no different as a great relationship with an influencer can lead to both sides making quite a bit of money.

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  • 5 Ways to Earn Money from Your Website

    Do you have a website that you’d like to monetize? If so, then we’ve got some great ideas for you. While there are almost limitless ways to earn money online, these five options represent some of our favorite ideas earning revenue from your site. 1.Set Up A Reseller Hosting Service New websites are set up constantly. To do this, people need to purchase hosting space on a server.

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  • How the Bitcoin Market is Recovering from the Bitfinex Hack

    The bitcoin market is no stranger to controversy. Ever since its conception, there are sceptics that question the viability of bitcoin as an alternative to paper currency. However, even they cannot deny the numerous advantages of cryptocurrency especially when it comes to wireless transactions. Due to the finite supply, others even call bitcoin “Digital Gold” and expect it to ...

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  • 8 Tips to Become An Expert Travel Blogger

    There is passion, adventure, exploration and of course travelling, in the vast realm of travel blogging. However, once you decide to become a pro or an expert in travel blogging you are deemed to play a very different game. This intricately designed world is full of hobbyist writing about their trips and tours to worlds unknown, and the minute you want to convert this into a pr ...

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  • 4 Great Ideas to Get More Shares on Your Company Blog

    Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your blog? Most companies are. Anybody can generate a few leads and gain some customers, but garnering more social shares and traffic for your blog usually takes more effort. Here are a few things you might not have tried for the purpose of increasing shares on your blog. 1.

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  • 3 Things Your Small Business Blog Needs To Be Successful

    You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. You have the motivation and the passion for success, but do you have all the tools you need to crush the competition? There are a few tips that successful small business owners swear by to keep those profits up and the headaches low. Customer Service You probably have a small staff. Heck, it might even be a one-man-show.

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  • These Nightmare Stories Will Remind You How Important It Is To Backup Your Blog

    These Nightmare Stories Will Remind You How Important It Is To Backup Your Blog September 23, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Most of you have poured your heart and soul into your blog or website. Think of the countless hours you have spent tweaking and perfecting every little detail. Now, imagine waking up one morning to find it all destroyed or even yet, completely gone.

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  • Your Blog as an ROI Generator

    You can make globs of money by either setting up a blog to generate more traffic for your business, or you can use it to create an online store, or to include affiliate links or as a source of advertising. The ideas are limitless. However you use it to make money, you need traffic. Without traffic, you might as well go home.

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  • 5 Of The World’s Greatest Marketing Blog Posts And What We Can Learn From Them

    I think we can all agree that online marketing bloggers – due to the very nature of the topic they specialize in – more than any other bloggers (in general) know almost exactly what blog posts need in order to rock. It’s the marketing blog posts we turn to when we need help to be better bloggers. Which is why this article presents the world’s greatest marketing blog posts, bec ...

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  • 3 Ways to Create a Killer Blog

    3 Ways to Create a Killer Blog September 20, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Why do some blogs take off and become wildly popular while others struggle to attract any attention? It isn’t a coincidence that some bloggers are much more successful than others, and it boils down to more than just having interesting posts.

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