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  • Stockio: A Better Option for Free Graphical Assets

    No matter how great your content, you need to have an appealing look to really make your website pop. The ins and outs of using stock photos can be complicated and buying assets is often expensive. However, savvy users can make great use of a free stock photo site. Stockio is a great choice for anyone looking to make their blog look better.

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  • New SEO Ranking Factors Revealed in New Study

    A brand new study from search tool company SEMrush has conducted a study to determine what factors influence a website’s position or ranking in Google. For many years there have been debates and assumptions about Google’s ranking factors. However, business owners can’t rely on assumptions and speculation to determine the search ranking success of their websites.

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  • How to Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories

    Instagram is a great way to reach out to a large number of people in a short time span. It’s cool, fun and trendy and yet, an effective way to put yourself out there. With the cool new feature, Instagram Stories, you can now generate and use great content to get more followers. Here are some tips on how to slay the game! Post regularly It is important to post regularly so that ...

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  • How IT Services Help Business Growth in Today’s World

    A modern business can’t run without hardware, software, and IT management in this day and age, and setting up an office to accommodate the needs of employees can cost a lot. Giving the employees the electronic tools they need requires some serious investment, especially if the hardware or software is specialised. At least, that’s the concept – it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

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  • Politics Going Digital

    It’s difficult to survive the period of Brexit and Donald Trump, of Jeremy Corbyn and hostile to Corbyn, without feeling that something has turned out badly with our vote based system. We yell at each different crosswise over consistently augmenting bays of sensitivity and comprehension. We focus on individuals and identities, searching for somebody to fault for our shared inco ...

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  • Keep Yourself Safe: Social Media Strategies

    It’s expected these days to have one or more social media accounts. People will ask to add you on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn as easily as they’ll ask for your phone number. It’s simple for most people to find you online, too, since your profiles are only a search of your name away. For this reason, it’s essential to use basic social media safety strategies to keep your ide ...

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  • Blog Stalkers: Staying Safe Online

    Amassing readers and followers is great – but sometimes the admiration tiptoes over the line from positive to crazy. What starts as a one-sided relationship or professional interaction can turn serious and bring you legal trouble or even physical harm. Being aware of how other bloggers have been stalked and harassed might help you recognize the danger signs as you write your ow ...

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  • Getting Known – How To Make Your Blog Into A Brand

    These days, it seems like everyone has a blog. In fact, when you take into account the fact that most students are taught to design one before they finish middle school, it’s safe to say that, indeed, everyone really does have a blog. But when you blog professionally, the key to success is moving your site from being “just a blog” to a full-blown brand.

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  • 5 Reasons to Add an E-Commerce Section to Your Blog

    5 Reasons to Add an E-Commerce Section to Your Blog August 29, 2017 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Blogs on their own are a great way to curate a customer base and get people interested in your company. However, once you capture their attention, are you fully monetizing it? If you don’t have an e-commerce section on your site, then the answer is no.

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  • Most Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make

    As a blogger, SEO can be a very foreign and difficult concept to master. It is for this reason you may decide to ignore SEO altogether. And this is the biggest mistake you could ever make. Your blog needs SEO, without it how will people ever find your website and read your content? Trying to implement SEO tactics to your own blog without preforming the necessary research can l ...

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  • 5 Court Cases Where Social Media Played a Part

    Not surprisingly, the prevalence of social media in the courtroom has risen as more people have adopted it. Everything you post – whether you expect it to be private or public – can come back to haunt you if you take someone to court or are taken to court. People have lost jobs, been refused custody, and been denied disability claims on the basis of social media profiles.

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  • 7 Legal Snares Every Blogger Should Avoid

    Blogging may seem as easy as sitting down, typing some thoughts out, and hitting publish – but as you get deeper into the practice, you can run into some legal issues you might not expect. Knowing what they are can help you avoid any missteps. Some issues are common sense to people with publishing experience, but others may be a surprise.

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  • Online writing: How to be a Successful Freelancer

    The freelance economy is growing and with modern technologies, you can be a successful freelancer. Online writing offers you a great chance to earn more money and get out of debt. You can be a freelancer even if you have a full time job. In fact, you can use the additional income to settle your student loan payments, credit card payments, car loan payments, etc.

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  • Learn from Business Entrepreneurs Who Take the Time to Train Others

    What’s better than learning from people who’ve already been successful in business and not people who haven’t? It’s always a little difficult taking financial advisors seriously because they pass along retirement investing advice and yet they’ve never been retired or tried living off their own investments. It’s all theoretical.

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  • Yes, It’s Possible to Grab Loans When Working as a Freelancer

    Freelancing has become an incredibly popular way for men and women around the world to make money. Freelancing is, in essence, having your own business. It allows you to not just generate your own income, but to control how much you earn. When you freelance, you take charge of your own finances and work life.

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  • 7 Laws Every Blogger Must Know to Avoid Lawsuits

    Bloggers, like “traditional” journalists, are protected from legal action by a variety of laws. However, they also have unique responsibilities under the law, and not all bloggers are aware of those responsibilities. What does the law require of you, and how can you avoid a lawsuit? The laws discussed below only apply to bloggers living in the United States.

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  • Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Websites

    E-Commerce has experienced an explosion of traffic in recent years partly due to the fact that people are now more comfortable buying online than ever. With retailers recognizing this demand, this means that the landscape is more competitive, making it more critical for e-commerce websites to consider the best practices for marketing their websites.

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  • 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

    The internet is a great place to do almost anything: make connections, share stories, shop, or run a business. But there’s a risk associated with using the internet, too. You can be the victim of scams designed to gather your personal information, banking information, or anything else you put on the internet.

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  • 5 Tips for Getting More Experience in Your Blogging Niche

    Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes with different niches, backgrounds, and priorities. It’s the writers who command credibility and experience, though that gain the most followers. As a blogger, having more experience and knowledge in the field should be a top priority. People subscribe to blogs because they like to hear from experts in the niche.

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  • Emerging Social Media Tools for Bloggers 2017

    Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of bloggers who want to maximize their online exposure, and to make sure that their content reaches as many people as possible. The great thing about efficient social media usage is that it is an amazing way to spread your latest news, updates and offers to both regular visitors and people who have not heard ...

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