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  • Building Relationships with Your Influencers

    Building relationships is a huge part of business especially when it comes to the marketing sector. A great relationship with a publisher or writer can be profitable for both sides. Influencer marketing is no different as a great relationship with an influencer can lead to both sides making quite a bit of money.

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  • 5 Ways to Earn Money from Your Website

    Do you have a website that you’d like to monetize? If so, then we’ve got some great ideas for you. While there are almost limitless ways to earn money online, these five options represent some of our favorite ideas earning revenue from your site. 1.Set Up A Reseller Hosting Service New websites are set up constantly. To do this, people need to purchase hosting space on a server.

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  • How the Bitcoin Market is Recovering from the Bitfinex Hack

    The bitcoin market is no stranger to controversy. Ever since its conception, there are sceptics that question the viability of bitcoin as an alternative to paper currency. However, even they cannot deny the numerous advantages of cryptocurrency especially when it comes to wireless transactions. Due to the finite supply, others even call bitcoin “Digital Gold” and expect it to ...

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  • 8 Tips to Become An Expert Travel Blogger

    There is passion, adventure, exploration and of course travelling, in the vast realm of travel blogging. However, once you decide to become a pro or an expert in travel blogging you are deemed to play a very different game. This intricately designed world is full of hobbyist writing about their trips and tours to worlds unknown, and the minute you want to convert this into a pr ...

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  • 4 Great Ideas to Get More Shares on Your Company Blog

    Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your blog? Most companies are. Anybody can generate a few leads and gain some customers, but garnering more social shares and traffic for your blog usually takes more effort. Here are a few things you might not have tried for the purpose of increasing shares on your blog. 1.

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  • 3 Things Your Small Business Blog Needs To Be Successful

    You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. You have the motivation and the passion for success, but do you have all the tools you need to crush the competition? There are a few tips that successful small business owners swear by to keep those profits up and the headaches low. Customer Service You probably have a small staff. Heck, it might even be a one-man-show.

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  • These Nightmare Stories Will Remind You How Important It Is To Backup Your Blog

    These Nightmare Stories Will Remind You How Important It Is To Backup Your Blog September 23, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Most of you have poured your heart and soul into your blog or website. Think of the countless hours you have spent tweaking and perfecting every little detail. Now, imagine waking up one morning to find it all destroyed or even yet, completely gone.

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  • Your Blog as an ROI Generator

    You can make globs of money by either setting up a blog to generate more traffic for your business, or you can use it to create an online store, or to include affiliate links or as a source of advertising. The ideas are limitless. However you use it to make money, you need traffic. Without traffic, you might as well go home.

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  • 5 Of The World’s Greatest Marketing Blog Posts And What We Can Learn From Them

    I think we can all agree that online marketing bloggers – due to the very nature of the topic they specialize in – more than any other bloggers (in general) know almost exactly what blog posts need in order to rock. It’s the marketing blog posts we turn to when we need help to be better bloggers. Which is why this article presents the world’s greatest marketing blog posts, bec ...

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  • 3 Ways to Create a Killer Blog

    3 Ways to Create a Killer Blog September 20, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Why do some blogs take off and become wildly popular while others struggle to attract any attention? It isn’t a coincidence that some bloggers are much more successful than others, and it boils down to more than just having interesting posts.

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  • Why Aren’t Your Visitors Sharing Your Post on Social Media

    Sometimes, no matter how brilliant your social media posts are, they never seem enough to earn a high number of likes and reshares. It is not just because you may have targeted the wrong crowd or you write about topics that are simply not interesting enough. For most content marketers, it is the lack of social proof that fails to get them substantial engagement in social networks.

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  • Bloggers: Jumpstart Cash Flow With These Tips

    While blogging is enjoyable for some, it’s difficult for the majority of people. After all, you aren’t spending hours of your day behind a keyboard for fun – it’s usually work. If you really want to make money with your blog, though, you must focus on two key words: cash flow. Four Tips for Generating Some Green “When more cash is coming in than going out there is a positive cash flow.

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  • 4 Tips to Accelerate Your Business Blog

    According to recent surveys, most businesses have started blogging. A blog can help add credibility and put a human face on a brand. In addition, quality content should also help increase exposure and even drive more leads and sales. This is true if you run a brick-and-mortar store in a small town or have an ecommerce shop that sells products all over the world.

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  • 3 Types of Sticky Content Bloggers Should Be Using

    While many bloggers find success by targeting timely news stories and quickly churning out posts that have a shelf life of just 24 or 48 hours, this isn’t a strategy most bloggers are able to find success with. Instead, a better long-term strategy is to produce “sticky content” that keeps readers coming back for more.

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  • The Basics of Building an SEO-Friendly Site with Wix

    From the drag-and-drop editor to the game-changing Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix is a known pioneer of simplified website building solutions. Within minutes, you can construct a professional-looking website without any knowledge in web design and development. You can even implement advanced functionalities such as a robust comments system, interactive forms, and online bo ...

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  • 10 Communication Skills Every Blogger Should Hone

    Being good at communication is one of the most important skills for people in any field. Studies show that 85 percent of a person’s success is attributable to communication skills. When you’re a blogger, communication is your number-one priority, but it’s surprising how many writers focus solely on the written word.

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  • 10 Tips to Humanize Your Company Blog

    The digital arena continues to expand. It’s growing so rapidly that some are worried it may take over jobs and any need for humans in commerce. Most analysts will say you shouldn’t be worried about robots taking over the world, but businesses are unknowingly allowing automation to remove the human element from many of their activities.

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  • Why Wasted Words Kill Good Ideas And Cost Sales

    It’s easy to take the nuts and bolts of our communication for granted. We can all talk and read and write, after all. But as soon as we start to put our own ideas out there – making the leap from reader to blogger, or from consumer to persuader – how we communicate starts to matter. Words become tools.

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  • Why You Need Niche Experience to Be a Great Blogger

    Have you seen ads online that say it’s easy to make tens of thousands online through blogging? In reality, there’s very little truth to this statement. In fact, only about four percent of bloggers make more than $10,000/month. Furthermore, the vast majority of bloggers (63 percent) make less than $10 in a given month.

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  • The Art of the Perfect Listicle

    When it comes to blogging in 2016, the listicle remains as popular as ever. It’s easy to digest and share, which should make it a go-to format for your blog. But despite the popularity of listicles, very few bloggers understand how to publish high-returning ones that are worth the investment. Thus, much of the effort put into writing listicles is a waste.

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