the trade desk

  • Inside The Trade Desk

    Located just a few blocks from the beach, The Trade Desk’s Ventura, California headquarters boasts extremely chill vibes for the hub of a company that spans continents. While it’s easy to understand why the nearby beach fosters such a relaxed environment, don’t let the surf atmosphere fool you. It’s no indication of The Trade Desk’s ambition.

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  • Radio gets a second act with programmatic audio

    Radio audiences have declined, but audio is as popular as ever. Streaming music alone generated $2 billion in revenue last year, proving that there’s still demand for sound and opportunity for audio publishers. Delivery methods have changed, but thanks to streaming outlets and podcast publishers, demand for streaming audio grew by 92 percent in 2015 with more than 317 billion ...

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  • Programmatic needs people: The 3 kinds of talent a $22 billion industry needs now

    With programmatic spending expected to top $22 billion this year, ad tech is hungry for top talent. Despite early fears of a man versus machine job market apocalypse, it’s clear the human element of tech is not going away any time soon. In fact, tech needs more human talent to continue that growth. This month, LinkedIn offered 2,700 open positions in ad tech alone.

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