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  • 15 Content Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Consider

    The content marketing industry is one of the most dynamic industries on the internet. Just like SEO, content marketing tactics are constantly changing. You’ll wake up one morning and discover that what worked the previous day isn’t effective again, and you have to move on. As a serious content marketer, you always need to stay current and know where the industry is headed.

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  • For Serious Marketers! 65 Tasks You Need to Outsource Immediately

    One of the most difficult tasks there is in the world is running a business, especially when it comes to marketing. Now, if you’re like me, you’re super busy. I usually feel like I don’t have enough time. In the course of a day, you have many tasks to achieve. Yet at the end of every day, after checking your daily activities, you become disappointed because you couldn’t get everything done.

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  • Top 7 WordPress Plugins That Will Turn Your Blog Into a List Building Wizard

    Does it ever feel like you’ve been blogging for years but don’t have anything to show for it? Time and time again you sit and watch as other bloggers burst onto the scene, and in what seems like a heartbeat, start making lots of money. The sad part is that most of these blogs are no better than yours, they don’t produce better content than you do, and they’re not even as dedicated as you are.

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  • The Shocking Truth About Blogging (Why I Almost Deleted My Own Blog)

    Does the following scenario sound familiar to you? You have tried virtually all you could to convince yourself that your blog is on the right path, but you still have a feeling that something just isn’t right. Some “fake experts” say that your blog might just pick up if you keep on posting lots of articles. Then all your worries will be over.

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