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  • Are You Guilty of Selfish Marketing?

    Marketing is inherently selfish. However, if it’s done right, the potential customer shouldn’t ever notice that. I recently fell victim to one gym’s selfish marketing when, on a rare urge to get fit, I was researching gyms. Here’s what happened: 1. I stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon to tour the facility and see if they were running any specials.

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  • The Ultimate Guide to a High-Converting 404 Page

    Most 404 pages fall into one of two categories: 1. An afterthought, with a boring, bordering-on-punitive message written by a developer. It’s either full of technical jargon or blames the visitor for landing there, like this one: Sheesh, put the entire fault on me, why don’t you? I just clicked a link and landed here. 2.

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  • What to Do When the Best Landing Page Isn’t Good Enough

    If you have dedicated landing pages for your PPC traffic, you’re among the more sophisticated tier of marketers. According to Bryan Eisenberg, companies spend $92 driving traffic to their sites and only $1 converting it. Ouch. But not you, right? You understand the one-two punch of getting the right people to click on an ad, then convincing them to take action on the landing page.

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  • To Master Conversion Optimization, Remember These Resources

    My partner, Richard Farr, came up with a framework for dividing our time, which I love. It’s to spend equal resources and energy on these four areas: earning, learning, health, and happiness. I’m going to let you find your own resources for earning, health and happiness, and focus this post on learning. Specifically, the best resources I’ve found for learning Conversion Optimization.

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  • Conversion Optimization: Go Beyond the Checklist

    As a conversion optimizer, it’s pretty cool to see more businesses starting to “get it” that it doesn’t matter how much traffic they drive to their sites, if those sites don’t convert. Even big-name SEOs have jumped on the conversion bandwagon. While this mainstream acceptance of the field is awesome, it’s also resulted in oversimplification of a process that requires real brainwork.

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