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  • Online Marketing News: Divine Email Delivery, Mobile Machine Learning & CMO Social Spend

    Email Deliverability: Unveiling the Divine Path to Subscribers Inbox Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, and one of the longest standing. But, nothing can be effective if it doesn’t reach your audience. This infographic shows the considerations marketers need to make when sending their emails to ensure the best deliverability and common email marketing myths.

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  • Online Marketing News: Snapchat Unicorns, Periscope Moderation and Instagram Business

    How Snapchat Became a Social Media Unicorn (Infographics) Unfortunately, SocialTimes isn't referring to the mythical, fuzzy, four-legged cuddle stallions we've come to know and love. "In the tech world, unicorns are private startups that reach at least a $1 billion valuation. E-commerce has the most unicorns, with 25 percent of the total pool, while 18 percent are in internet s ...

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