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  • Practical Conversion Tips For Creating Mindless Forms

    Online marketers love forms! That’s when the rubber meets the road — someone is about to take action — whether it is completing our registration process, or checking out online, we love when forms are actually filled out. But fiddling with forms on a Web page is actually a very stilted and unnatural thing to do.

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  • Pulverizing Price Resistance To Improve Conversion Rates

    You have slaved over your product or service. You have executed creative marketing campaigns that drove results. You have researched and established a fair price. I guess your job as an online marketer is done! Actually, you are missing a key part of the conversion picture: price presentation. As it turns out, price presentation can have a huge impact on your conversion rate.

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  • 7 Ways To Use Emotion To Drive Conversions

    Illogical and unlikely as it seems, decision-making in humans is ruled by the emotional brain. People decide first based on how they feel, and then justify that decision with what seems like a consciously balanced weighing of pros and cons. Savvy marketers know that establishing an emotional connection with their visitors and/or creating a strong feeling of desire or pain (o ...

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  • 5 Tips For A Successful Conversion Rate Optimization Program

    If your business is struggling to compete online, it might have less to do with your competitive landscape than with your conversion optimization program. The simple fact is that many companies can — and do — impede their website optimization efforts by having information silos, territorial teams, groups with tactical mindsets, aversion to change, and an unproductive focus on vanity metrics.

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  • 7 Resolutions For Higher Website Conversions In 2015

    Each year, digital marketers find themselves trying to do more with less. With mobile technologies maturing, analytics entering a decade of being democratized, and personalization technologies enjoying increasing adoption, online marketers have never needed to learn more and do more just to keep up.

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  • Post-Conversion CRO: Optimizing For Customer Retention

    The customer journey does not end when your visitor completes your desired action – and neither should your conversion optimization efforts. It costs far more to get new customers than it does to retain the ones you already have, so it makes sense to plan for customer lifetime value and not just focus on the one-time transaction.

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  • Show Me The Money! 6 Steps To Optimizing Your Payment Process

    You’ve worked hard to convince visitors to shop from you — and even harder to get them to the checkout page. So why on earth would you make it so painfully difficult for people to give you their money? An astounding two-thirds of shopping carts are reportedly abandoned at the payment stage. Given the hoops many websites make their visitors jump through just to enter payment ...

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  • E-Commerce Practices That Are Costing Conversions

    With the proliferation of conversion-centric tools, technology and consultants these days, there’s no shortage of advice and best practices for website optimization. And nowhere is this more true than in the e-commerce space, where even the smallest website tweak could add (or subtract) millions from a company’s bottom line.

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  • 6 Neuromarketing Principles For Designing More Persuasive Websites

    While most marketers have at least heard of neuromarketing principles, many shy away from these techniques, perhaps because they don't understand them, don't trust them or just don't have the time to learn them. However, neuromarketing principles are actually simple applications of behavioral psychology that allow you to create low-stress, low friction websites that provide ...

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  • Rotating Banners: Why Image Sliders Kill Conversions

    Digital marketers and web designers love rotating banners, which allow multiple pieces of content to occupy a single prominent space on a web page. (Synonymous terms include image sliders, carousels and animated .) On the surface, the idea seems like a great way to keep several competing departments happy, giving them all a piece of prime real estate on the page.

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Mobile UX That Will Result In Higher Conversions

    Depending on whose statistics you read, mobile device usage has increased anywhere from 125 percent to 3000 percent in the past several years. Regardless of the actual number, the reality is the same: in order to get visitors to convert, your site must be able to meet their needs whether they're holding a mouse, a phone or a tablet.

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