tim krozek

  • Google Just Rocked Your World With Expanded Text Ads

    Boost CEO Tim Krozek wrote an op-ed article on Google’s latest Expanded Text Ads that MediaPost is running today. Read Tim’s article here. We like it so much we’re posting it on our blog as well. To learn more about ETAs visit us here. — A few weeks ago Google announced the most significant changes to AdWords since, well, the invention of AdWords.

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  • Google to launch Expanded Text Ads across all devices

    Google just made some huge AdWords innovations for a mobile-first world. Here’s how this announcement impacts you. Expanded Text Ads Earlier this year, Google removed sidebar ads on desktop to improve the search experience and make it more consistent across devices. This paved the way for the biggest changes to text ads since AdWords launched fifteen years ago: Expanded Text Ads.

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