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  • Instagram highlights Stories on Explore tab to boost viewership

    Instagram has started displaying Stories atop the Explore tab in a bid to get more people to tune into its two-month-old clone of Snapchat Stories. Unlike the Stories found atop Instagram’s main feed, the ones featured atop the Explore tab will be curated from people that you don’t already follow on Instagram.

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  • Twitter’s Periscope wants to air more TV-style broadcasts

    There are two types of live video online: the kind people shoot with their smartphones and the kind that professionals produce with expensive equipment, multiple camera angles and fancy graphics. Twitter’s Periscope has been home to the former, but now it wants to make room for the latter. On Thursday Periscope announced Periscope Producer, a program to let certain broadcast ...

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  • Pinterest’s monthly user base hits 150 million people, up 50% from last year

    Pinterest isn’t done growing, but it still has a ways to go. On Thursday the social network slash search engine announced that 150 million people use its platform every month — including 70 million in the U.S. — up last year’s 100 million mark. The 50% monthly user base increase is a good sign for Pinterest as it tries to attract more and varied advertisers beyond the “tens ...

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  • Facebook tests ads in Groups, potentially easing ad load issue

    More than 1 billion people use Facebook Groups every month, and now the social network is starting to let advertisers join the cliques. Facebook is showing ads in the Group feeds of some people in Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, as part of a test. “We have started to test delivering ads to people in Facebook Groups, and will be evaluating the response before det ...

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  • Twitter’s debate livesteam viewership exceeds NFL audience — again

    Maybe people’s interest in watching live broadcasts on Twitter is growing in general. Or maybe people are more into watching two people talk on Twitter than two teams play football. More people tuned into Bloomberg Politics’ presidential debate livestream on Twitter Sunday night than have tuned into any one of the three Thursday Night Football games syndicated on Twitter so far this season.

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  • Snapchat’s latest Stories tab redesign adds post-roll ads, playlists

    Snapchat is rolling back the redesign it made in June to its all-important Stories tab and rolling out new features, like Story Playlists and post-roll ads, that may make Snapchat more like, and potentially better than, TV than ever. If you already know what’s changed but don’t understand why, you can head straight here.

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  • Facebook’s Craigslist-style Marketplace isn’t open to brands, Page owners

    Last year Facebook rolled out Shops, which appears to be the social network’s bid to take on Amazon, and now it’s taking aim at the other end of the e-commerce spectrum: Craigslist. On Monday Facebook debuted Marketplace, a section in its mobile app for people to put items up for sale that other people can buy. Marketplace very much like Craigslist, i.e. very bare bones.

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  • Twitter officially opens up Moments to everyone

    Today Twitter is officially opening up Moments so that anyone can curate their own topic-based feed of tweets. A combination of social content curation service Storify, Facebook’s Canvas and Snapchat’s Live Stories, Moments could be poised to become the social network’s unique spin on Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories, if enough people use it.

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  • How many videos top publishers post daily to Facebook, YouTube

    Facebook’s video platform is out of the petri dish and approaching parity with YouTube’s dominant digital video service. Top cross-platform video publishers like BuzzFeed, NowThis and Tastemade are posting more videos a day to Facebook than to YouTube, according to an analysis of their respective main YouTube channels and Facebook counterparts.

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