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  • Facebook’s shoppable ‘Collection’ ad is its latest iAd-like format

    Traditionally, clicking on a brand’s ad on Facebook would open a dedicated microsite or product catalog hosted outside of Facebook. But Facebook continues to roll out mobile ad formats that bring those off-Facebook experiences inside the social network. On Thursday, Facebook unveiled a showy new shopping ad format called Collection, the latest addition to the line of immersi ...

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  • Instagram now has more than 1M advertisers, doubling in past 6 months

    It has been a year and a half since Instagram rolled out the welcome mat to all advertisers. Remember that as you read the next sentence. Instagram now has more than 1 million monthly active advertisers, the company announced on Wednesday. That’s five times as many advertisers as the Facebook-owned photo-and-video app claimed 13 months ago and twice as many as it had six mon ...

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  • Twitter, Periscope make it easier to stream TV-quality live broadcasts

    Twitter is making it easier for publishers and brands to air TV-quality live broadcasts on the social network and its live-streaming app, Periscope — as easy as on Facebook or YouTube or TV. On Tuesday, Twitter announced the Periscope Producer API so that broadcasters can stream live video to Twitter and Periscope without having to shoot that video from or through Twitter’s ...

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  • Instagram opens shoppable organic posts to more businesses in the US

    Now more marketers can set up shop on Instagram without cutting the Facebook-owned photo-and-video app a share of the proceeds. After testing shoppable organic posts with 20 brands since November 2016, Instagram is opening up the feature so that more businesses in the US can augment their photos with product information and links to buy the items on their sites.

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  • Video: See how Facebook inserts mid-roll ads in non-live videos

    Of course the first time I find an ad interrupting a video on Facebook would happen while watching a video titled “No pants in court.” The video, about a Kentucky judge berating the local jail for sending a defendant to her courtroom sans pants, posted by millennial-centric news publisher Mic appears to be part of the test Facebook announced last month that it would start sl ...

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  • Twitter will offer viewership stats for Moments makers

    Five months after enabling anyone to create a Moment, Twitter will now show these Moment makers how many times people have seen the topical collection of tweets they have curated. On Tuesday, Twitter rolled out Moments Analytics so that anyone who has created a Moment can see stats on how that Moment has performed.

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  • Facebook Messenger adds option for chat bots to avoid chatting

    Conversations with Facebook Messenger bots soon may start to feel less like texting with a friend and more like tapping through a food-ordering app’s restaurant menu. On Thursday Messenger added an option for bot makers to prevent people from sending normal messages to their bots by replacing the in-app keyboard with a persistent menu, making the interaction more akin to a t ...

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  • Twitter extends abuse blocking to main timeline, puts offenders on timeout

    Twitter continues to step up its attempts to stamp out abuse on its platform. After adding an option for people to block tweets containing certain keywords, phrases, hashtags or emojis from appearing in their notifications tab, Twitter is extending the option to block those tweets from appearing in people’s main timelines as well and adding the choice to set how long each in ...

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  • YouTube debuts TV subscription service, at $35 a month for 6 accounts

    Every day people spend almost as much time watching YouTube as TV. And now they can watch TV on YouTube. On Tuesday YouTube debuted a cable TV-style subscription service so that people can pay to stream live and recorded shows from the four broadcast TV networks, and roughly three dozen cable networks through a new YouTube TV mobile app.

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  • Facebook opens mid-roll ads to more Live broadcasters, starts non-live test

    Facebook is opening up its video ad revenue stream to more publishers and creators, though it’s not giving advertisers any more control over or insight into which videos include their ads. On Thursday Facebook extended the ability for certain Pages and Profiles to insert mid-roll video ads within their Facebook Live broadcasts, and at the same time the company officially ann ...

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