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  • Snap starts selling Spectacles, accessories online ahead of IPO

    If Snap’s Spectacles were more than a marketing ploy to exhibit how hyped people are on Snapchat, then Snapchat’s parent company needs to make them more widely available. And now it is. Snap has begun selling Spectacles online at Spectacles.com. The glasses cost the same $130 as they did for people lining up at the pop-up Snapbots Snap had placed randomly around the country ...

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  • Facebook turns sound on by default in videos, debuts TV apps

    Facebook videos are getting bigger and louder. In the biggest change since December 2013 when Facebook began playing videos automatically in people’s news feeds, Facebook will now play those videos automatically with the sound on by default, the company announced on Tuesday. Facebook announced more news surrounding videos playing on small screens, like larger vertical video ...

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  • Twitter’s ad revenue declined in Q4 2016

    Twitter released its fourth-quarter earnings results on Thursday morning. Here’s a quick rundown of how the social network’s business is doing. Twitter continues to make money but not a profit Twitter has not turned a profit since at least the first quarter of 2012. But that’s not the only money problem Twitter now has. Despite total revenue growing by 1 percent year over year to $717.

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  • Pinterest’s Lens app turns your phone’s camera into a search bar

    Pinterest is bringing search to the real world. On Wednesday the social-network-slash-search-engine introduced Lens, a mobile app that uses the phone’s camera to recognize physical objects and pull up related items from Pinterest. The app appears to be Pinterest’s version of Google’s neglected Goggles app.

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  • Instagram’s web footprint surpassed Twitter’s in 2016

    Instagram has become more prevalent on the web than Twitter, according to an analysis by website tool provider SimilarTech of the top 1 million sites based on their global traffic, including publishers, brands and e-commerce sites. At the start of 2016, Instagram trailed Twitter in the number of sites that embedded its users’ posts or featured its social widgets, like follow buttons.

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  • Super Bowl’s politically charged ads, like 84 Lumber’s, spark social buzz

    During this year’s Super Bowl, some advertisers had something more substantive to say than “Buy this product.” Instead of shying away from the country’s politically charged zeitgeist, brands like 84 Lumber, Anheuser-Busch and Audi aired commercials that seized on it. Building supply company 84 Lumber produced a 90-second spot titled “The Journey Begins” that chronicled a Mex ...

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  • Instagram won’t fix Facebook’s ad load dilemma yet, but video might

    For the past six months or so, Facebook has been warning investors that it will max out the number of ads it can stuff into people’s news feeds sometime around the middle of 2017. The company has made this warning because its ad revenue growth will likely slow as a result. Facebook has options to alleviate the ad load pressure, like pushing more ads on Instagram, Messenger, A ...

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  • Snapchat rolls out QR-style ‘Snapcodes’ to open links in app

    Of course Snapchat has come up with a weird way to browse the web. And of course that way involves snapping a photo. On Tuesday Snapchat added a feature to its mobile app for people to turn links into “Snapcodes” (its version of the QR code) that can be used to open web pages within Snapchat’s in-app browser. For now the feature is only available to iPhone users.

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  • Facebook opens its ad network’s video ads to independent viewability checks

    After a series of measurement errors disclosed last year, marketers’ distrust of Facebook’s math grew, as did their calls for more independent audits. Now the social network is enlisting more outside help to make sure advertisers can count on their Facebook ad counts. Facebook is adding more ways for advertisers to independently check if their ads had a chance of being seen ...

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  • Twitter’s NFL streams averaged 265,800 per-minute viewers across 10 games

    Twitter’s NFL live streams averaged 265,800 viewers per-minute across all 10 Thursday Night Football games that aired on the social network last year, based on an analysis of the viewership figures, most of which were released publicly and some that were provided by the NFL. Twitter’s average minute audience — the same metric used to measure TV viewership — peaked at 327,000 ...

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