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  • How to use social proof in your marketing campaign

    When most people try to develop a marketing campaign, they focus on making a sale to potential users. Sometimes, that sale is literal, such as getting a user to buy a product; other times, it’s figurative, such as persuading a user to fill out a contact form or merely convince them that your brand is an authority in your industry.

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  • Overcoming Your Fear: How to Write Your First Company Blog Post

    The idea of launching a blog for your website sounds innocent enough. But why do you find yourself crippled with fear and anxiety every time you try to actually launch one and write a few words? How to Push Past Your Blogging Anxiety You aren’t the only one who has blogging anxiety. Thousands upon thousands of people are intimidated by the thought of stringing together sentence ...

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  • 7 marketing gimmicks that could damage your brand

    What’s the difference between a gimmick and a strategy? Honestly, not much. The difference is semantic, and I’m not here to argue about the differences. I’m here to argue that some marketing tactics rely on carefully thought-out strategies that guide users to your brand and help them make informed buying decisions, and others are meant to elicit knee-jerk reactions.

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  • 7 Secrets of Modern Link Building You Didn’t Know

    Link building is the subject of much debate, tons of myths and misconceptions, and an impressive host of marketers (like me) who think that link building is one of the best strategies out there. Link building has gone through a number of changes over the years, to be sure. It’s almost unrecognizable from the days where spamming links to your domain on any forum you came across ...

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  • 7 Experiments to Try With Your Content Strategy

    Some content marketers treat their content strategy as a blueprint—something unchanging and stagnant, as a series of rules and instructions to follow indefinitely as you build your campaign. Admittedly, this is an advantageous way to start; it helps you build a solid foundation and gives you a basis for comparison if and when you make changes in the future.

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  • How Snapchat is building the future of social media

    Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn still have a stranglehold on the social media world in terms of sheer numbers of users, but a handful of rising social stars are hoping to cement their place as the leading influencers in the industry. Among these, Snapchat may have the strongest potential: Not only does it have the capacity to build a user base rivaling those of the main chann ...

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  • 7 ways to get to know your audience better

    With the great diversity of marketing styles and strategies out there, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the fundamentals inherent to every strategy. Realistically, only a handful of principles are necessary for success in literally every marketing strategy out there. One of the most important is this: You have to know your audience, inside and out.

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  • 7 Things That Make Your Content More Authoritative

    There are many factors that can make content successful—your topic choice, your level of engagement, and the practicality of your material are all important. But there’s one factor I think matters more than any of those, and it has to do with how much your users trust what you’re writing: authoritativeness.

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  • The Art of the Interview as a Content Marketing Piece

    There are dozens of mediums and formats for content these days, from infographics and written articles to in-depth tutorial videos. Every content marketing campaign deserves a bit of diversity, sampling from a number of different content areas, but ultimately you want to favor pieces of content with a high degree of potential for visibility and reputation that don’t take an exh ...

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  • The 5 Most Important Content Priorities (in Order)

    You’re tired of hearing it: content is king. Every SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, or other online marketing article you’ve read over the past five years has told you that everything starts with quality content—the better your content is, the more likely you’ll be to succeed. If you’re like me, you can’t help but roll your eyes when you encounter this phrase.

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  • The 8 biggest myths about guest posting

    To date, guest posting has been one of the most efficient and beneficial long-term strategies for either content marketing or SEO. The premise is simple, and approachable even for an amateur: use a personal brand to get your work published on various high-authority publishers, and reap the rewards of authority, visibility and traffic for your brand.

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  • 5 exercises to strengthen your social media marketing skills

    The only way to get better at something is to practice. You can read up on news, take advice from mentors, brainstorm and come up with new strategies, but the only real way to improve your skill set is to put it to use and gain experience. In the social media marketing world, this is difficult; your campaign is a running experiment, forcing you to adapt on the fly and feel t ...

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  • What marketers can learn from this year’s Presidential candidates

    Super Tuesday is now behind us, but the march toward the 2016 Presidential election is still an exciting and volatile one. We’ve already seen some surprises, from the types of candidates seeking the nomination on both sides of the aisle to the lasting level of competition between those candidates, but at the crux of these developments are a handful of key takeaways that can ...

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  • 5 major changes that could revolutionize social media this year

    In marketing, it pays to stay ahead of the curve. New trends, new technologies and new consumer expectations force you to change your game or get outpaced by the competition. In no arena is this more pressing or evident than in social media. Social media commands a wide audience, has roots in technology and comprises dozens of platforms, all evolving to one-up each other on a large scale.

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  • How Is Machine Learning Shaping the Future of SEO?

    SEO has always been an area of constant change. From its inception in the early 2000s when webmasters started figuring out they could manipulate results to today’s era of content and user experience prioritization, it’s commonly accepted that a new update or new technology could force a major change to your strategy—at virtually any time.

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