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  • 3 Digital Marketing Strategies That Won’t Cost You a Dime

    Digital marketing covers a huge range of potential channels, tactics, and occasionally even a dash of strategy. Being an expert in everything is nearly impossible, and a big part of why agencies like Portent have a job. The risk of low return on ad spend, or even low return on your sweat equity is enough to freeze a lot of small business owners and even trained marketers into inaction.

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  • Are You Over Optimizing Your AdWords Account?

    I’m going to tell you something that’s a little counterintuitive: you may be hurting your AdWords or general PPC performance by trying to do too much, too fast. This idea doesn’t get a lot of air time because a lot of under-performing AdWords accounts or campaigns trace back to under-optimization or “set it and forget it”, which we all know is the devil.

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  • Are You Utilizing Your Email List?

    Email lists are very powerful and have many different applications. They’re a great way to re-engage past customers, share your great content/knowledge, and keep your business at the front of people’s minds. If you aren’t using yours (or if you don’t keep one), no judgment. Okay, maybe a little judgment, but here are some things you should consider.

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  • Introduction to Amazon Ads Strategy

    Amazon is a no-brainer for most E-commerce sellers. Potential customers look to Amazon more often than ever and listing your products there is a quick way to boost sales. Getting visibility for your products isn’t always easy, though. Amazon is a search engine just like Google and just like Google it helps to pay-to-play.

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  • 13 Digital Priorities for Small Businesses

    It’s more important than ever for all small businesses to have a strong presence online. Regardless of industry, customers are online all day long, whether it be on their desktop at work, phone on a bus, or tablet at home on the couch. Representing your business well digitally is easier said than done. Getting found online can be even tougher.

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  • Product Feed Optimization for Google Shopping

    Most commonly, advertisers starting off with a paid search platform such as AdWords reach their respective audience through keyword targeting. However, with Google Shopping (or product listing ads), e-commerce businesses utilize a product feed as the main targeting tool. The feed contains information about your products such as price, availability, brand, etc.

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  • Google AdWords Display Banner Specifications and Best Practices

    Thinking about experimenting with the Google Display Network (GDN)? This could mean a variety of different things, but most commonly, this means showing banner ads on site that are a part of the GDN. The GDN isn’t exclusively for banner ads. Ad formats vary from text ads to video ads, animated banners, and ads on mobile sites.

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  • The Dangers of Putting PPC in a Silo

    One of the seemingly wonderful things about PPC is that in many cases it can be an almost stand-alone channel. Ready to go at a moment’s notice, self-contained between ad and landing page, with immediate feedback and optimization through built-in analytics. That said, putting PPC in a silo is tempting, but dangerous.

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  • What are UTM Codes? …and Why You Should Use Them

    UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. The name is a holdover from back in the day before Google Analytics (GA) was around. Urchin was a web analytics program acquired by Google back in 2005, which marked the beginning of GA. UTM codes are simple snippets of code appended to the end of URLs that communicate with the GA code on your website.

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  • 5 Inexpensive Ways to Grow Your SMB Online

    For most small- and medium-sized businesses, competing online against the big players can be daunting. How are you supposed to match their seemingly infinite marketing budgets when you may just have a few thousand dollars a month to work with? If this sounds familiar, don’t despair. There is still a lot you can do without a large marketing department and massive ad budget.

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  • Building Successful PPC: Researching Keywords

    After creating your PPC account structure and establishing standard campaign settings, it’s time to start researching and adding keywords in your ad groups. Having a descriptive keyword list that characterizes your product or offering precisely will help put your ads in front of a relevant audience searching to find the solution you can fulfill for their problem.

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  • Building Successful PPC: Writing Engaging Ads

    Writing engaging ads for your target audience is instrumental for AdWords success. In order for ads to be engaging they need to be relevant, informative, and in-line with what the user is searching for. Having ads with irrelevant ad copy is a great way to spend money on wasteful clicks, and having ads that are too bland make it easy for the customer to just keep scrolling.

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  • 5 Critical Tips for PPC Success for Small Businesses on a Budget

    Small business owners are typically on a tight budget with every dollar accounted for. It is imperative that advertisers stretch their PPC budget to get the highest return on their investment. Let’s review out five top PPC tips for campaign success on a limited budget: 1. Separate networks by campaign When advertisers set up their campaigns, Google, by default, recommends servi ...

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  • 11 Tips for Low Budget PPC Advertisers

    Return on investment is everything for small and medium sized businesses looking to buy pay-per-click advertising on a budget. With many different features and settings to navigate through, running a successful PPC campaign is easier said than done. Factor in a typically smaller-than-your-competition budget and competing successfully can be daunting.

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  • Should I Use SEM to Promote My Content?

    A lot of time, effort, and resources go into curating high-quality content for your business. Blog posts, whitepapers, on-site content, infographics, videos, eBooks, webinars, case studies; you name it. We are talking about hours spent brainstorming, writing copy, designing, and developing. That’s a lot of work! After making that investment, you need to make the most out of it.

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  • Google to Localize Call Extensions. Hurrah?

    Starting in early November, Google will allow advertisers to use local area codes in their call extensions that utilize Google forwarding numbers. Previously, you had two options: use your own number and lose the ability to track calls in AdWords, or use an (866) forwarding number randomly assigned to your ads.

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