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  • Tips to Help Improve Your Hotel’s Results for Social Media

    Every hotelier should have a well-crafted social media strategy when it comes to marketing their property through social media. However there comes to a point where the same methods become stale and the audience becomes less engaged than before. When this happens, it’s time to change up your social media strategy and add some flair into it to maintain consistent results.

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  • Tips for Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

    By now a lot of hoteliers have started using Pinterest daily as part of their strategy for their hotels. Pinterest provides a lot of opportunities for you to potentially reach customers that you may not be able to reach under different circumstances. There a lot of ways to use Pinterest for marketing purposes, but here are a few tips that would definitely help boost your hotel’ ...

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  • Building a Content Calendar for Your Hotel

    Content calendars are a great way to manage all of your content and remembering any important dates that you might have. It is also a great way for hotels to plan their content for their social media channels ahead of time since hotels are always busy dealing with other matters. Having all of the content visually laid out on a content calendar will allow you to see where all of ...

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  • Understanding Why Social Media Insights is Important

    As hoteliers, chances are your social media channels are always mentioning local events, area guides and any articles that your guests may find useful. You are probably even self-promoting your property every so often. You have the ability to provide so much interesting content, but how do you know what content is working out for you? Luckily a lot of social media channels have ...

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  • A Few Tips on Using Instagram Ads for Hotels

    As Instagram turns half a decade old, the amount of users using Instagram on a daily basis continues to increase, which can potentially make advertising on Instagram crucial for your hotel. If you didn’t already know, Instagram is letting the ad feature be more accessible to businesses now. There are also some pretty neat features worth mentioning.

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  • How to use Pinterest’s Analytics

    Like most social media sites, Pinterest offers analytics which gives you the ability to analyze your data to help create an effective marketing strategy fit for your hotel. If you haven’t looked at your Analytics for Pinterest yet, then you should start now. You can access Pinterest Analytics by clicking here when you are signed into your account.

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  • 5 Tips for Increasing Your Hotel’s Conversion Rate

    In this day and age, everyone is always spending a good portion of their time surfing the internet so having a website for your hotel is a necessity. Having a website will not only provide information for your potential guests to browse through, but it can help increase your conversion rate as well. With these 5 tips your hotel could see an increase in conversion rate.

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  • How to Build Your Hotel on Social Media

    As the hospitality industry continues to grow, keeping and attracting guests to stay at your property goes beyond having the lowest rates amongst your competitors. Differentiating yourself from your competitors and creating a brand for your hotel becomes important. You want to establish a solid brand for your hotel so people can easily identify your hotel.

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  • How to Start Using Instagram for your Hotel

    Instagram is a social media channel that allows users to express their creativity with the flexibility of editing and filtering images to their liking. So why should hotels start using Instagram? According to ReviewPro, Instagram is growing rapidly with over 300 million active users who share up to 70 million images and receive up to 2.5 billion likes a day.

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  • How Hotels Can Improve Their Customer Service

    Customer service has always been essential to every business, especially the hospitality industry. In this day and age where your social media channels are just as important to manage as your actual website, it is necessary to provide excellent customer service across all platforms. Aside from the basics that everybody in customer service should already know, here are a few way ...

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  • Reasons for Hoteliers to Start Using Pinterest

    Pinterest is a social media channel that allows users to share, save and upload images onto the site. Users are able to create multiple boards depending on what kind of theme or subject they would like. Users are able to literally pin and share images from all across the internet in a matter of seconds. According to Business 2 Community Pinterest has over 70 million users and it is still growing.

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  • Marketing Your Hotel Now

    Trends in marketing are constantly changing because there will always be new trends to replace old ones. For all hoteliers, it is important to keep in check with these trends and focus on what currently matters in order to be able to market their hotels effectively. While there are many new trends to watch out for, here are a few that every hotelier should know about before cre ...

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  • A Few Qualities that Every Hotel Website Should Have

    It is important to every hotelier that their customers have a good experience during their stay. However, it is also important to provide a great experience for them before they even step foot onto the property. A pleasant stay actually begins with the online experience that they have with the hotel.

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  • It’s Time to Create a Social Customer Care Team

    When it comes down to writing a review about a hotel, the majority of guests include the aspect of customer service into it. Every hotel is capable of providing a pleasant experience for their guests by making them feel as comfortable as possible during their stay with the variety of amenities they offer.

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  • Why You Should Go Mobile Now

    At the beginning of every new year, there are always new trends to look out for and new opportunities to increase revenue. Just in the year of 2014 alone we experienced a rise from the usage of desktop devices to non-desktop devices (cellphones, tablets, etc). According to Hospitality.net, 38% of web visitors and almost 40% of the page views were generated from non-desktop devi ...

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