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  • Why Your Link Strategy May Be Broken…and How to Fix It

    We’ve discussed search strategies at a simple level before. Today I want to address a trend that we touched on earlier: an emphasis on off-page optimization. (This is only one aspect of organic search engine optimization. I’ll come back to this topic over the next few weeks, and dealing with them separately makes for clearer explanations.

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  • A Key to Increased Sales? Subscription. Try These Website Tweaks.

    What if you could increase sales by 5 to 25 percent with only a few small changes that don’t require additional marketing spend? If you’ve inadvertently skipped a step in setting up your marketing strategy, it very well may be possible. How? Go through your current marketing process and determine two things: Is the way we’re converting first time visitors to subscribers a ...

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  • Content at Home and Abroad: Forming Your Content Deployment Plan

    Last time we discussed how to create content that connects. Whether it’s a blog post or a video, the most important thing is that your audience finds what you’re creating useful. That sounds obvious, but that’s because we’re looking at content creation from the perspective of tying it into a well-thought strategy to increase the bottom line profits of your company.

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  • 3 Ways to Create Content That Connects

    I’ve touched on the topic of writer’s block before. This is a bit different however. Finding the right content to create for your marketing can mean the difference between content that leads a prospect down the path to a sale and the kind that (even if popular) is unproductive. Of course you know, this isn’t magic.

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  • How to Get Your Business Story In Google News

    Every business can benefit from appearing in Google search results. The benefits are plentiful and obvious–millions of people use Google to search for solutions to their problems, including problems that your products solve. You should get into Google News, too If you’ve ever tried to rank for an organic search result in Google, you know it’s not as easy as it looks.

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  • 7 Baits That Entice Email Newsletter Sign-Ups

    You’ve probably seen it a million times. “Sign up to our newsletter and get our free (ebook/whitepaper) about (the thing you’re researching).” You see it a lot because it works. Giving something away to get someone to sign up to your newsletter heightens the value exchange. It says “you give me something of value that I want, and I’ll give you something of value that you want ...

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  • Stop Being Afraid of Marketing

    You think that you don’t like marketing. But it’s been my experience over the past 12 years that this isn’t quite accurate. The reality is you don’t like what you think marketing is. Not that this is your fault. There was a day when marketing was the attempt to get people to buy things that they did not need.

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  • 7 Content Marketing Projects That Drive Sales

    Content marketing is not be a particularly innovative concept. It predates the web by nearly a century. Yet it’s absolutely essential. You’re not making it to your favorite consumer’s wallet without producing images, text and video in their various permutations. It’s just not going to happen- visitors travel to you by way of the path your content creates, whether they come f ...

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  • Influence, Popularity and Marketing

    One of the reasons influence is so important is because it can’t be bought outright. Sure, if you had the budget, you could spend millions of dollars on advertising, and run an advertising campaign that could reach into the home of everyone with a TV set, computer or cell phone. But once you reach everyone, then what? You can’t force people to buy, but you can influence them ...

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  • To Blog, or Not to Blog, That’s the Wrong Question

    “To be, or not to be, that is the question— Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?” You may recognize those words as the introduction to the Nunnery scene, in which Hamlet, still a prince, is contemplating death, and wrestling with suicidal thoughts.

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  • Build Site Traffic Using the Desert Island Theory

    When I started building websites in 1998, “How do I get traffic?” was the universal question. Now people prefer to lump traffic generation in with marketing, as the term is now attached to more low-brow tactical measures. Yet I believe the answer to this question still matters – because the assumptions have reversed.

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