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  • 5 Customer Activation Emails to Add to Your Funnel

    If you’re familiar with the world of digital marketing – you’ve probably come across the term “marketing funnels.” And no, they have nothing to do with plastic instruments you would use in the kitchen or the smoking chimneys found on steamboats. Instead, a marketing funnel describes the journey a person takes from initially visiting your website to becoming a paying customer.

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  • How to Run a Cohort Analysis in Google Analytics

    Traffic and page views are nice. But they’re limited. In a few ways. Site wide traffic looks nice on a blog post or meeting with your HiPPOs. But it’s not actionable. And it doesn’t tell you what’s going on beneath the surface. For example, you have no idea if those users are returning. If they’re subscribin’ or buyin’. Or how they compare to peeps from a year ago.

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  • Why Customer Empowerment Is the Key to Great Retention Rates

    It’s unfortunate, but inevitably, not all of your customers will continue doing business with you forever. According to the most recent annual report from Recurly, the average quarterly customer churn rate among subscription services for physical goods is 10.6%, and digital service subscriptions don’t get much more loyalty love, with 8.2% as their average quarterly churn rates.

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  • Introducing Customer Engagement Automation From Kissmetrics

    We are thrilled to announce that Kissmetrics has added email campaign automation to our behavioral analytics platform. We’re calling it Customer Engagement Automation. Now you can seamlessly analyze, segment and engage your customers all from within our platform. Why did we do this? The main driver was the massive market shift and we were feeling the pain first hand.

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  • How Visual Cues Can Help Lift Conversions

    It’s a given that images can help lift conversions, but there’s more to it — literally — than meets the eye. Subtle image edits can make a big difference in audience reactions and, ultimately, in conversions. Numerous eye-tracking studies have been done using heat maps, saccade pathways and other methods.

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  • 5 Data-Driven Strategies to Earn Sales in a Saturated Market

    You’re not alone. In a saturated market, your ecommerce business is constantly competing to distinguish itself from other companies. It’s especially difficult when these businesses offer the same promotions to similar audiences. You may sell the same types of products like your competitors. Your ecommerce store may even have identical pricing with others in the marketplace.

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  • The Four Statistical Concepts Every Online Marketer Should Know

    Analytics is a big part of online marketing and therefore, it’s essential to have a good understanding of how to interpret numbers. In this post, I’m going to present four statistical concepts I believe will be valuable to anyone working in online marketing. Statistics: A Sexy Skill To some people, statistics may sound like a boring topic, but to others, it may very well be on ...

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  • 4 Powerful Google Shopping Hacks to Supercharge Your Campaigns

    Historically, retail search marketing was synonymous with Google text ads. But fast forward to today, and Google Shopping ads have replaced text ads as retailers’ preferred method of advertising on Google. In fact, 2016 was the tipping point: Retailers spent 53% of their AdWords budgets on Shopping ads — for those keeping score, that’s more than half.

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  • The Right Approach To Building A Solid Growth Strategy

    Ask any successful entrepreneur why their startup succeeded and they’ll almost always point you to a growth strategy they followed. They’ll tell you how much they believed the strategy will work because it was solid and had a really high likelihood of paying off. For example, Johnathan Dane (founder at KlientBoost, a company that grew from 0 to $1,000,000 in 12 months) says “ ...

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  • How 7 Companies are Using Push Notifications to Boost Engagement

    Last year, mobile internet usage overtook desktop for the first time. If you’re not tailoring your marketing strategy specifically for mobile users in 2017, you’re losing out. Mobile internet access has soared in recent years and it’s quickly become entrenched in our culture. 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone as soon as they wake up, and 80% of all internet users own smartphones.

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