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  • The 7 Epiphanies Needed to Intuitively Grasp Statistical Significance

    There is only one danger more deadly to an online marketer than ignorance, and that danger is misplaced confidence. Whenever a marketer omits regular statistical significance testing, they risk infecting their campaigns with dubious conclusions that may later mislead them. But because these conclusions were based on “facts” that the marketer “empirically” observed with their o ...

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  • How to Run an A/B Test in Google Analytics

    Designs don’t always work out as intended. The layout looks good. The color choices seem great. And the CTA balances clever and clear. But… It’s not working. All of it. Some of it. You’re not completely sure, but something’s gotta give. Despite everyone’s best intentions, including all the hours of research and analyses, things don’t always work out as planned.

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  • When Good Customers Leave: Troubleshooting Your Customer Retention Approach

    Every business needs a steady stream of new leads coming in the door. New business is crucial for survival. If you’re not feeding your funnel, then you’ll limit your capacity for growth and eventually tank. This is why a lot of businesses heavily focus on new customer acquisition. They build out sales teams with aggressive goals to generate new business and keep the growth train rolling.

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  • Get More From Your Marketing: 5 Ways to Integrate Your Marketing Stack

    Software that doesn’t play nice with others is like having a TV with no inputs – it works fine on its own, but if you can’t connect your PS4, Chromecast, or Apple TV, you’re stuck with basic cable. Now, imagine if Salesforce couldn’t connect with your email, accounting, or customer service apps? You’d have a hard time organizing your client communications, consolidating your s ...

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  • 3 Lazy SEO Tips to Jumpstart Customer Acquisition

    SEO means many things to many people. To some, it’s links. To others, it’s keywords. In actuality, it’s a broader concept designed to increase authority on particular subjects and popularity among peers to increase the odds of being properly classified. It can get incredibly complex and time consuming on a large scale. However, it doesn’t always have to.

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  • 5 Harsh Truths About Your Dismal Customer Engagement Rates

    Engagement. Business survival hinges on your team connecting with customers. Strive to build relationships to bridge your SaaS brand’s values with your target audience. Research by McKinsey shows just how important customer service is, not just during routine company<>customer interactions, but during ‘moment of truth’ interactions.

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  • Why You Should Be Turning Social Proof Into Sales

    We are all bombarded by media. So much so that we easily tune it out. The more interruptive it is, the more absurd we find it and the more likely we are to disregard it. So what’s a company to do when it needs to continuously bring in new customers, but nobody pays any attention to ads? User-generated content, which is any content voluntarily produced by customers, is making ...

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  • How Analytics Is Transforming Customer Loyalty Programs

    Customer loyalty programs are crucial. The goal of loyalty initiatives is to engage, not pander more products to frequent buyers. But how do you determine if your loyalty program is working well? Use data to steer your customer loyalty program in the right direction. McKinsey found that “executive teams that make extensive use of customer data analytics across all business ...

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  • What Makes B2B Content Remarkable for Buyers?

    It’s no secret. Everyone knows the biggest problem B2B content marketing faces today. Well, actually several give B2B marketers fits. Which one am I talking about? Making B2B content engage and actually drive more leads. How bleak does the situation look? Not good. Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report surveyed 3,714 B2B marketers from around the globe.

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  • Omni-Channel Marketing: A New Approach to Keyword Research

    For many marketers, performing keyword research is a pretty standard procedure. What has primarily changed over time are the tools used to source key search queries and determine the quality and intent behind those keywords. While the approach to research remains largely the same, the landscape in which consumers search and move toward a purchase has changed.

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  • The Lazy Marketer’s Guide to Customer Acquisition

    There are a billion emails sent every day by MailChimp alone. There are over two million blog posts published each day. Average page length has become a staggering ~2000 words, which based on average writing times, can easily take up to four hours (or half a workday) for a single post. The sheer volume of marketing activities is rising to a nearly unsustainable point.

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