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  • How Fixing Client Analytics Can Help Agencies Sell More

    A completely accurate client analytics account is few and far between. That forces you, brave agency veteran, to roll up your sleeves and try to make sense of the chaos you’re looking at for each unique scenario. You didn’t plan for it. You didn’t charge for it. And now, if you don’t fix it, you’ll face an uphill battle in trying to prove the resulted you delivered.

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  • 7 Laws of Sales Funnel Physics Every SaaS Business Needs to Know

    Back in college, I visited to this run-down pizzeria shop called Sammi’s. Their logo had a picture of a pyramid on it. No one understood what that had to do with pizza. I pitched Sammi repeatedly on my startup’s text message coupon product at the time. He never bought. But I’ll never forget the time I saw him hand a $200 check to some kid selling an ad from a local magazine ...

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  • What SaaS Marketers Can Learn About Pricing From Menu Engineers

    The food industry is a $5.32 trillion dollar business. The alluring profitability of the food business along with increasing competition has inspired a new discipline: menu engineering. As the name suggests, it is a deliberate construction of menus to generate greater profits per customer. When asked about the rise of menu engineering, value perception expert and author of Pri ...

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  • How to Create a Growth Hacking Framework

    Have you heard about the Fake It Hack? How about the Exclusivity Hack? The Aha Moment Hack? These are a few of the tactics you’ll read if you Google “growth hacking.” Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of them before. You don’t need to know about them yet. The only thing you need to know right now is how to create a scalable and repeatable process so you can efficiently execute ...

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  • How Amazon Uses Twitter to Drive Website Traffic: Bad Jokes Ahead

    Thinking about all of the great retailers online, there is perhaps no bigger name in the industry than Amazon. They have created an incredible sales system that is centered around a website that is second to none, with an inventory that includes …everything from A → Z! With so much going on from their website alone you’d think they’d slack off on Twitter.

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  • How to Keep Customer Analytics at the Forefront This Holiday Season

    The gift of analytics. Ramp up for the holidays by focusing on customer analytics. With the help of data, your team can target buyers, plan seasonal promotions, and manage your inventory levels. Research shows that “49% of companies who champion the use of customer analytics are likely to have profit well above their competitors.

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  • Ensuring a Great User Experience Is the First Step in CRO

    Many business owners think of conversion rate optimization only after they realize their websites don’t convert well enough. That means hundreds of potential customers have already been lost; and, until various CRO methods are tried out, additional hundreds will leave their site without taking any action. There’s another way.

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  • Here’s 5 Smart Ways to Plan Your E-commerce Sales Promotion

    Ready for your next sales promotion? For some ecommerce teams, it’s a time-consuming task deciding which items to markdown and how to publicize a sales event. However, sales promotions play an integral role in attracting customers. A survey found that up to 50% of consumers make a purchase only with a promotion. Shoppers desire a good deal before they invest in your products.

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  • The 7 Epiphanies Needed to Intuitively Grasp Statistical Significance

    There is only one danger more deadly to an online marketer than ignorance, and that danger is misplaced confidence. Whenever a marketer omits regular statistical significance testing, they risk infecting their campaigns with dubious conclusions that may later mislead them. But because these conclusions were based on “facts” that the marketer “empirically” observed with their o ...

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