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  • The Conversion Rate Conundrum: Common Mistakes and What to Do Instead

    In real estate, the axiom is location, location, location. It’s first and foremost. The number one consideration. For your digital efforts – email, web pages, eCommerce platforms – an argument could be made for a few different ones: search engine optimization (SEO), the user experience (UX), conversion rate optimization (CRO), or perhaps something else entirely.

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  • 3 Reasons Your AdWords Traffic Is Not Qualified

    AdWords is one of the most predictable paid media channels. By using it, you’re focusing on people who show their intent in advertising platforms. Search traffic is growing by a lot. In 2014, marketers spent $23.44 billion in the search channel. That same figure for this year is already $32.32 billion, and it’s expected to reach $40.60 billion by 2019.

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  • Before Your Next Product Launch, Try These 5 Engagement Strategies

    The big day is approaching! Yes, you’re about to launch your first (or maybe fifth) product. You want the experience to be perfect for your audience. What your team does before the launch is just as important as what you do on launch day. And it all starts with early engagement—spreading your message as soon as possible to pique people’s interests and encourage sales.

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  • How to Use Customer Feedback Loops to Reduce Churn

    Churn is a fascinating thing. When users keep coming back month after month, it helps you grow your business rapidly and it makes you a very happy business owner. But when you’re losing more customers than you’re gaining, it can spell disaster for your business. What makes it frustrating is that you don’t always have a clear picture of what causes people to churn or what you ...

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  • How to Track Conversions in Google Analytics

    Visits and pageviews are nice. But conversions are all that matter at the end of the day. The trouble, of course, is that these don’t come ‘preloaded’ with each new analytics account. And you can’t get access to historical, legacy data, either. That means when you let days (or weeks) go by without setting up conversion goals properly, you’re going to lose all of that information forever.

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  • 6 Ideas You Can Try Today to Boost Your SaaS Growth and Retention

    Growing a wildly successful software as a service (SaaS) business is a game of numbers. More new customers than canceling customers? You’ll grow. If not, you’ll stagnate, and the competition will gobble up market share right in front of you. At the same time, not every new idea for boosting growth and retention will be feasible with the resources you have.

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  • Here Are 6 Arguments That Will Get Your Boss to Double Your CRO Budget

    It might come as a surprise to you, but not everyone is completely sold on conversion rate optimization. Let’s say you want to double your CRO budget. Shinier tools. More data. Expert analysts. These things will improve your CRO efforts. Aaaaaand…they cost money. So you have to convince your boss to shell out more money on something that she doesn’t know much about. That’s not easy.

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  • 11 Customer-Centric Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Revenue

    There are three general ways to grow revenue in any ecommerce business: Increase the total number of customers. Increase the average number of times each customer buys from you. Increase the average order value (AOV) from each customer. As ecommerce marketers, knowing what to prioritize can be the difference between a standard year of growth and a phenomenal one.

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  • How to Use Facebook as Your PR Engine

    A PR agency’s job is to get your story in front of the press and potential customers. It might set you back $5,000 per month. But what if you could get the same—if not better—results yourself, by using Facebook ads? Facebook ads are one of your biggest business opportunities. The targeting capabilities, the tracking functionality and the low cost of getting started means the ...

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