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  • The Godard Tillage

    (A revised version of the following post: I guess my relationship with the films of Jean-Luc Godard could be described as “It’s ...

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  • Search Marketing and Weird News

    My name is Todd Mintz, and I’m a Weird News addict. With my Facebook friends (and feel free to friend me if we’re not already friends), I share my favorite “oddball” stories, and ...

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  • Former Client Deadpool

    Former Client Deadpool Posted: 04.26.2016 Recently, I read that I client I worked with a few years ago “crashed and burned.” To be more specific, they were sold to a rival for a sum less than my yearly salary (plus debt assumption). There were good people I worked with during that engagement, and it’s sad that the company did not meet a positive end. Their demise was also totally predictable.

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  • Asynchronous Digital Information Conveyance

    Asynchronous Digital Information Conveyance Posted: 04.07.2016 “…I’d like to talk about Politics…but first, a little Foggy Mountain Breakdown…” Steve Martin I’ve ranted about the evils of Power Points before…here’s another one. :.) I’m sure most people reading this post have been in the following situation: Sitting or standing in a bar or nightclub, having an adult beverag ...

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  • Bellwether Brains Revisited

    Bellwether Brains Revisited Posted: 03.15.2016 Occasionally I like to revisit themes shared in old posts. In this particular past effort, I shared one of my core beliefs, which is that even in casual discourse, people unconsciously broadcast very revealing aspects of their persona that, if properly perceived, can act as very reliable guides for: whether one should engage wit ...

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  • Krautrock Zarathustra

    Krautrock Zarathustra Posted: 02.16.2016 “Es gibt keine Tatsachen, nur Interpretationen.”… Nietzsche I have a client that spends quite a bit of money advertising on YouTube Pre-Roll ads in 8 languages. We did have an issue where a small number of people were letting our client know that they were seeing videos in the “wrong” language (e.g.

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  • Extreme Geobidding Redux

    Extreme Geobidding Redux Posted: 01.05.2016 I’m in the process of doing a major campaign launch for a new client, and as I’m working through the new setup, I am reminded again about how important precise Geobidding is for optimum campaign success. Japan is one of our campaign targets, and when we pull the Geo data for Japan at the city level, we see the following: With To ...

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  • Marin Masters Q & A

    I recently spoke on the Marin Masters Panel. The folks at Marin were gracious enough to share with me the questions they were going to ask, and I thought that if I prepped my answers for publications and released them as a blog post, they would be of value to the readers. It’s possible that I ended up saying something entirely different on stage…but anyway, here they are: Wi ...

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  • Using Convertro To Microsegment Geo-bidding

    “Here’s a song I wrote on a plane between Dallas and Austin…Goin’ to El Paso”…Waylon Jennings I usually don’t take requests for doing blog posts but during a client pitch meeting, I spontaneously threw out a tactic that I’d implemented that really seemed to resonate with everyone in the room…so I’m going to share the process in detail here.

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  • Top 10 PPC Lessons I Learned from Motörhead

    I love Search Marketing and I read a ton of articles on the subject. However, there is a longstanding trend of creating rather derivative content tying in aspects of search marketing with either TV shows I’ve never seen nor do I have any interest in seeing (e.g. Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead) or movies that I find either uninteresting/derivative (e.g.

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  • Persistent Familiarity

    “I can hear the bull frog callin’ me…Wonder if my rope’s still hangin’ to the tree…” Credence Clearwater Revival, Green River A couple years ago, 3Q Digital had a company retreat in San Francisco and part of the itinerary consisted of having each of the employees take modified Cable Car buses around town.

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  • My PPC Dating Profile

    Not that long ago, an industry acquaintance whom I’ve known for a while quite seriously asked on Facebook if anybody were interested in dating her. Her post spurred a lively discussion…some serious and some humorous (including my stating that I wanted to date her but my wife wouldn’t let me). But, thinking about what she did led me to think about what my professional “dating” profile would be.

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  • PPC Esoteria

    “I cannot say the word eye any more . . . . when I speak this word eye, it is as if I am speaking of somebody’s eye that I faintly remember . . . . there is no eye — there is only a series of mouths — long live the mouths . . . . “ Bob Dylan, Liner Notes to Highway 61 Revisited Once upon a time, I wrote a short piece on Marvin Gaye’s National Anthem, which I was privileged to ...

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  • Hero Conference Portland Review

    I’m one of the founding Board Members of SEMpdx, Portland’s Search Marketing Organization, and since 2007, we’ve run SearchFest, which has evolved into (we think) the premier regional search marketing conference anywhere (with apologies to the folks in Dallas, Minneapolis, and some other places who also do a really great job).

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  • Introducing 3Q Digital’s Official Digital Consigliere

    I was 5 years old when the first Godfather movie hit the theaters, and though I didn’t see Parts 1 and 2 until I was a teenager, I was acutely aware of their cultural impact that extended far beyond its cinematic brilliance. When Hollywood romanticized the Sicilian Mob, they de-emphasized their criminal business enterprises in favor of the social aspects inherent in the family dynamic.

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  • Boxing With Clients

    “Mission is important to culture because it helps us all understand ‘why we fight.”…David Rodnitzky, The 3Q Culture Manifesto Our CEO, David Rodnitzky, just published our Company Culture Manifesto, which I encourage you to read if you’ve not done so already. As an agency, we’ve followed these precepts for a long time…even if they were never spelled out so explicitly before now.

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